W/NW 2020 Pic-O'-The-Week #47

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    This W/NW Pic-O'-The Week begins once again from a series I'm taking in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. The last two in this group was taken this last Monday with my M2 w/ collapsible Summicron loaded with Arista 200; the first three were taken with my trusty M10-P w/ 50mm Asph Summilux.

    Let's see yours!
    L1000401P(B&W).jpg L1000414P(B&W).jpg L1000417P(B&W).jpg 000012430003PC.jpg 000012430011P.jpg
  2. ei_20200626_537.jpg
    MP, 35 mm 'cron, Acros
  3. San Francisco foggy Morning, Olympus 35SP
    phUntitled (24) copy.jpg
  4. 0002L&R Agachado Recogiendo Cortezas Comida-SummicronCollapsible5.jpg

    0004L&R Aburrido Brazos Cruzados Esperando-SummicronCollapsible5.jpg
    1956 Leica Summicron Collapsible 5 (50 mm) on Fuji X-E2
  5. Sorry, guys! I originally only had one film pic in the group; added one more at the last minute and didn't correct my grammar completely. ...
  6. That second shot needs framing. The third shot is interesting, but the second evoked the American pictorialists: they found in nature what they thought was god's cathedral. Ansel Adams was probably close to the end of that period, though quite, I believe, secular. The idea still erupts/irrupts now and then. As always, great photos. Bravo. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  7. Thank you very much, Arthur!
  8. So my photos. Not gone out yet, so these will be prosaic. The covid 19 has brought us to our knees. I must say, my heart goes out to America, as to the UK, and to Europe. I pray each night, as does my spouse, for some remedy to this.

    The photos:

    The first, Davidson's plums. I think I posted a photo a few years ago. They are interesting. This is the second time they have fruited. And they fruit on the stem. They are sour. Not sure what to do with them.

    davidsons plums.jpg

    And another shot:. Now this is prosaic. My neighbour has been getting his/their house ready or sale. He started this garden bed yesterday (temp: 35 C). Climate change. I couldn't believe that he worked in the heat. But this was immaculate. The photo.

    davidsons plums-2.jpg

    And a repeat: Jazzi - neighbour's daughter:


    I still have some film in my M6 - joke film from eastern Europe - lomo. Hopefully next week. Regards. Arthur
  9. Canon-VL2-I-61-130913-19.jpg
    Canon VL2 with (Soviet) Industar-61
  10. Fascinating lens that. Did you have to shim it to get proper registration? It's a tessar variant? Lovely colour - softness on the edges. f5.6?, I'm just guessing; very well controlled contrast - what film?. I have a number of soviet lenses (some I've thrown away -it's always hit and miss, but they tend to be as cheap as chips, with some notable exceptions. I remember the russian car, the Lada Niva - if it was made on a monday, it was ratshit. Lenin's try to save the Ukraine wheatbelts by giving away vodka. The factory workers were all pissed as newts after the weekend. And then there was 'storming' - getting to a quota. Many years ago I had a friend who had a Niva - the wheel bolts were sledge hammered on - it was quicker - rather than screwed on. I must get some of my russian cameras out. I've got a few Feds (a couple of which don't have failed shutter curtains, most I've tricked up with black t-shirt paint) and a go to zorki 5, which is absolutely agricultural, but, apart from the roughness, and sound, performs well.

    A good shot. Bravo. and regards, Arthur
  11. nope, just screwed it in and voila!

    My experience with Soviet lenses in many kinds of mounts has been much more positive than yours.

    In Ethiopia years ago in the last years of his imperial majesty, I was being driven in a Soviet jeep. It looked like it was put together by a high-school welding shop, but it was indestructible and reliable.

    The film was a C41 film, probably Fuji.
  12. From my archive. New scan. 2012
    Minolta Himatic 7S Ultramax 400
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  14. I think you have a story to tell, JDM. Perhaps you have already told it. And I have not heard or read it. Is there a link? It is so hard to get C41 film done here now, in rural Oz. If it was fuji, they did well. And you graced that film with care. Regards, Arthur (I'm necking the bees in the next couple of weeks, so will no longer be apiarist1). Keep safe.
  15. If I can, I'll try to hunt down and post URLs for my experiments with ex-Soviet Union lenses et al. Probably won't get to it today, though.

    They are here on P.net, but since the great upgrade, I haven't had much luck with the search function.:(

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