W/NW 2020 Pic-O'-The-Week #39

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  1. Let's start the 39th week of 2020. Here is another one of the photos I took in the past few months following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN (USA). [Leica MP, 35 mm Summicron, Fujifilm Acros] ei_20200626_025.jpg
  2. ei_20200626_028.jpg
    Intersection of Chicago Ave and 38th St. in Minneapolis, MN where George Floyd was killed has been frequented by thousands of people who came to pay their respects.
  3. ei_20200626_029.jpg
    The intersection of Chicago Ave. and 38th St. has been blocked-off for motor traffic since later spring of 2020. It's become a pedestrian only zone, frequented by hundreds, if not thousands of people who on daily basis come to pay their respects to George Floyd. As of now, the city of Minneapolis does not have a reopening plan, and this intersection remains blocked; it's become a kind of a shrine. The local residents and activists in the area have set up road blocks and the police are not allowed in this area any more.
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  4. On the trail at White Rock Lake, with the digital CL and 11-23 at 16mm. Monochome conversion in Adobe Camera raw.

  5. L1000082P.jpg
    Leica M[9] Monochrom, 28mm Zeiss Biogon f/2.8 ZM

    Leica M[9] Monochrom, 85mm Zeiss Tele-Tessar f/4 ZM

    Leica M[9] Monochrom, 35mm Zeiss Biogon f/2 ZM
  6. That's good Stric. Bravo. And Regards.
  7. Now they are good. That first shot tantalises. The second is excellent. Bravo. I'd frame it. Bravo again.
  8. A follow up. From picking up my M240, instead of my monochrom - my spouse was taking me out. It was rushed.

  9. I do not know you Stric. Other than your photos, which have been exceptional, and show your passion. And I appreciate you keeping record of this. I am not American, but live under it's reign, so have no provenance here. Keep your chronicles going. These are strange times, Stric, keep safe, you and yours, A gut wrenching shot. Bravo to you. Regards, Arthur
  10. Desperate to get out of the condo, I went to members day at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and took some pictures. This one was taken with my M10, Leica 90/2 APO.

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  11. I like the Lamp Post Climber!
  12. strictly speaking, a viewfinder...
    Miramar, Perú

    Rollei 35
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