W/NW 2020 Pic-O'-The-Week #25

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  1. Participation in this weekly W/NW thread has been getting pretty anemic again. Don't be shy! Any RF (or Leica wannabe) will do - it doesn't need to have been shot with a Leica!

    Here's another group from my M[9] Monochrom. Let's see yours!
    L1000096P.jpg L1000093P.jpg
    35mm Zeiss Biogon T* ZM

    L1000112P.jpg L1000108PC.jpg
    50mm Zeiss Planar T* ZM
  2. Some old ones
    Leica IIIg Elmar 2.8 Film Ferrania in Paranol S
    First one the focus is on the "open"

    Leica IIIg Elmar 2.8 Film Ferrania at 40asa Paranol S focus open.jpg

    Leica IIIg Elmar 2.8 Film Ferrania at 80asa Paranol S classic car 2.jpg

    Leica IIIg Elmar 2.8 Film Ferrania at 80asa Paranol S 69 Mach1.jpg

    Leica IIIg Elmar 2.8 Film Ferrania at 80asa Paranol S Cobra.jpg
  3. I really like how Ferrania turned out. I hear it's a tricky film to develop in order to get nice results. What is your experience with it? Thanks.
  4. Street Machines National
    Nikon S2, Nikkor 5cm f1,4
  5. Hello Stric1975
    Yes I had some issues with it on the first couple of rolls, I used HC110 Pyrocat HD and the Paranol S at different speeds ie: 25 40 50 and 80iso and all had good and bad, it seemed hit or miss?
    I purchased a bottle of D96 from the UK and tried it on some 5222 XX with ok results, but it was my first try so need to adjust.
    I am hoping it will work out better with the D96, but the Paranol S seemed pretty good. Also I have seen some with T-Max that looked good.
  6. L1130587---a.JPG


    Leica C (Typ 112)
  7. Here's 3 with a Contax G2. with the Ziess 35. A very nice combo.

    [​IMG]Untitled by [​IMG]Untitled by [​IMG]Untitled by Barry Fisher
  8. 122E75F3-8198-441F-AE1D-10033DCD77BB.jpeg
    Canon P Jupiter 12 Retropan 320
  9. Some Leica II images from last week.

    7.3cm f/1.9 Hektor.

    5cm f/2.5 Hektor + Y2 filter

    5cm f/2.5 Hektor + Y2 filter
  10. 1952 Leitz Summitar f=5cm 1:2 on Epson R-D1


  11. Need some of "this" ??? Fed-3 / N-61, UFX100, Hypercat & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k20-054-DSCF6626 ces10 nm 4x6 bc bm.JPG

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