W/NW 2020 Pic-O'-The-Week #20

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  1. My internet is down at the moment, so I'm starting this weeks thread on my smart phone.

    I'll post my pics as soon as my internet is back up!

    But in the meantime, let's see yours!
  2. State Capitol Building on right, Downtown high rises center & left. Honolulu on a Lock Down Tuesday. Aloha, Bill Zorki-4K / Jupiter-8, UFX 400, Hypercat & V600 scan. 2k20-042-028 s26 bc bm.jpg
  3. [​IMG]



    Sante Fe Festival - Liberty Park Overloon - August 2019
    Leica M-E, 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1
  4. Olympus 35SP, San Francisco

    redrestaurant ph.jpg
  5. This looks like a good place to isolate. Eastern Rockies, M4, 21mm Super Angulon

  6. Santa Monica Beach from a few years back (obviously), M6, 50/2.8 Elmar-M, 400TMY-2, HC-110B

  7. First Generation MM - 50mm 2/f and 35mm 1.4/f

    2 9.jpg

    2 13.jpg

    2 12.jpg

    2 11.jpg

    2 14.jpg
  8. 001L&R-Niño con Papá C50 1.8 f8 1-200.jpg

    016L&R Niño en el Suelo C50 1.8 f8 1-200.jpg

    025L&R Mora Musulmana Gente Rastro-CanonIIb-CanonSerenar50-f8-1-100.jpg Canon IIb. Canon LTM 50. Tri-X 400. D-76 (1:1) 9' 30" at 21ºC (one inversion per minute)
  9. Botanic Gardens, Rancho PV, CA
    L1001869PC(B&W).jpg L1001854PC(B&W).jpg L1001880PC(B&W).jpg
    Leica M-P 240
    50mm Asph Summilux-M
  10. Viktor, where was that beaut of a photo taken?
  11. Horvath-Vigoree

    Canon VL2
  12. Hi, this restaurant was located at 1420 Irving St., SF.I am not sure if it is open now.
  13. Wow! Irving street! I have friends that lived at Irving and I think 7th. Great area! All the Irish Bars are just a few blocks away on Geary and also on Clement
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  14. ei_20190613_019.jpg
    A strange and a very rare find on streets of Minneapolis. A real Swiss Army Pinzgauer, basically a Swiss-Army pocket knife of military vehicles (no pun intended). Reportedly, one of only three in Minnesota. Anyway, shot with Leica MP, 35 mm Summicron (IV), Ilford HP5 or Delta 400 (not sure).
  15. Thats just what I need for Trader Joe's parking lot.
  16. Leica IIIf Delta 100 in HC110

    Leica IIIf Delta 100 HC110 down tree.jpg
  17. Leica x vario.

    Never invited to the ball


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