W/NW 2018 Pic-O'-The-Week #1

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  1. So welcome. this is simultaneously both the last thread of this year and the first thread of next year. So lets look back and celebrate the year by posting 5 photos depicting work you liked last year. I'll start with one pic but will add more later. Here we go!

  2. M262 and 35mm f1.4 Summilux FLE.

  3. Himatic_140_Martijn koffie.jpg
    Himtaic 7S AGFA Vista400
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  4. Happy New Year everyone! Here are a couple to start off with, more to come later...


    Hoover Dam Overlook, M8, 15/4.5 Voigtlander Super-Wide Heliar ASPH Version 1


    Penn Street, Pittsburgh, M6, 15/4.5 Super-Wide Heliar, Ilford Delta 3200
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  5. So, my five to mark the end of my year - all done with pretty much a 'fash attack' approach: pre-set camera (my rusty, er sorry, trusty Bessa R, complete with deteriorating plastic, and either a voigtlander 75mm, or old summaron 35mm, both set at f5.6, with flash). a clown.jpg caught.jpg blur.jpg a clown.jpg caught.jpg blur.jpg Happy as Larry.jpg pensive.jpg
  6. Sorry, somehow double postings of some. My apologies. Regards, and the best for the new year. Arthur (apiarist1)
  7. Sorry again, I should add, FP4 developed in infosol 3, scanned on an epson flatbed. Here in the rural hinterland of New South Wales (we have electricity, and most people most of the time wear shoes), the range of available film options (outside ebay), is limited. Again, look forward to further contributions. richard a, yours are hauntingly evocative images. Tell me, how did you do them? The variable focus is haunting. And bertliang, wonderful landscapes - they are good. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  8. After a two week lapse, my Kailua Farmers Market was up this sunday. . . stocked up on some fruit & pupu's (snacks) for the NYE celebration. . . (Mac nuts are always good), also ran a roll of Kentmere 400 thru the Fed-2/Jupiter-8 combo. PyrocatMC developed & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k17-126-016 ces5 bc.jpg
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  9. Arthur, check out "Ultrafine Xtreme Films" on Ebay. Most of "us" users swear it's the Kentmere films rebadged. I am a big fan for the last 5 years or so. Aloha, Bill
  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

  11. " Ultrafine Xtreme B/W Film" should do the trick. Frequently Ebay's search engine really sucks if not given the exact works. . . sorta like coding the early computers. . . 34 characters were good. . 1 wrong thing. . . poof ! Aloha, Bill
  12. Bill, will do and try it, and thanks. How do you process it, and with what? Regards, Arthur (apiarist1). And Vincent, don't discount the efficacy of activated charcoal. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  13. DSCF6514 ffr-vert combi-horz merge.jpg Hello everyone. I rate the Ultrafine emulsions: 400 @ 250asa, the 100 material @ 80asa. 99% of my exposures are reflective from a Gossen Pilot (selenium) handheld meter. Years of Zone work give great results, but if in doubt will compare a palm reflective (Zone 6) against an Incidence metering (Pilot can do both).
    My developing is with Obsidian Aqua or more recently, Pyrocat HD or MC. 3ml of A & B if the Pyrocat or 1ml of the OA, with 16min being "my" standard time. +/- 1min for each Zone difference. Neg material stains nicely & density is gauged against wet printing of ages gone by. I only use a 450ml Nikor stainless steel tank, with spacers for a single roll of 35mm to keep the film in the middle of the tank. 120 material has a thin spacer on the bottom only. 3 min pre-soak with DI water & non-acid fixer only. Presently using an Epson V600 for scans. To use the "old" saying, "try it...you will like it!" Aloha, Bill
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  14. Vancouver, New Years day at the beach (Spanish Banks). It was cold! Summicron 35mm, M10.
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  15. Some of my 2017 Favs.
    fguy.jpg evening.jpg

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