Vuescan software for Minolta Scan Dual 3

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by concert_images, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Please could someone point me to a web link to download the full
    version of Vuescan for the Minolta Scan Dual 3 on Windows? I gather
    you can get the full version free of charge rather than just a trial
    version that watermarks the images.

    Thanks, Neil
  2. Oh boy! Stealing from people is so much fun!
  3. If I understand your request, you want to download someone's copy of the paid for and registered FULL version of Vuescan. I'm sure someone out in the ether would be willing to do this, but I doubt you will find it openly posted for download, except maybe at some WAREZ site. Good luck and watch out for the porn and viruses that you will have to wade through at those sites.

    The demo version is FREE for a reason (test drive only not production) and you should really consider paying for the full copy if you indeed plan on using it as it helps bring updates and such. For the modest registration fee, you get some nice features. If everyone freely traded it, we would be back to having software targeted to a specific platform/scanner like Silverfast does and the price would also be much higher.

    Yes I have looked at the Vuescan demo copy. I decided not to go that route right now. Instead I use EpsonScan and SilverFast AI6 that came with the Epson 4990 Pro I 'bought'.

    If indeed your looking for a freebie, let your conscious be your guide. Otherwise I believe the Vuescan is only SOLD through the Vuescan website.

  4. I don't know if it is still true but the Linux version of Vuescan is the only full version available for free. My advice if you wanrt it for Windows is to just buy it. You won't be sorry, and it's a good buy. I use the Scan Dual III and using Vuescan cut my photoshop time in half.
  5. Vuescan is not scanner specific. The program, either purchased or demo version, will work with any supported scanner. So once you have it, use it with any scanner you choose. I've used mine, with upgrades, for the four scanners I have owned.

    The trial version is the same as the full paid version except for the watermarks. Purchase the license and it is the key to removing the watermark. You don't even have to download the software again.
  6. thanks, I misunderstood what I'd been previously told - ie that Vuescan was freely available as a free download in the full version. Clearly that isn't actually the case. I certainly don't want to be ripping people off as at least one person here has implied.

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