Vuescan problems with Artixscan 120tf

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by daniel_staver|1, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. I just got myself a Microtex Artixscan 120tf. I'm having problems with
    Vuescan. It's taking an awful long time generating previews and
    scanning pictures. Much longer than with Silverfast or Scanwizard. I'm
    also having trouble controlling the preview area. With 6x7's it seems
    to insist on starting the preview halfway into the first frame.

    Are anyone successfully using Vuescan with this scanner? I've used
    Vuescan for the last two years with four other scanenrs without any
    major incidents, so I was surprised that it didn't work so well with
    this one.
  2. I too used Vuescan for several years with other scanners and was very happy with it.
    Like you, I have been unable to get satisfactory results using it with the 120tf. I don't
    recall a specific problem with framing the image in preview, but I had so many vexing
    problems getting a good scan that I gave up on the Vuescan/120tf combo entirely and
    started relying on the bundled Silverfast software. Silverfast produces such excellent
    results on the 120tf for me that I no longer have any inclination to fiddle with Vuescan.

    And, yes, Vuescan is MUCH slower on the 120tf than ScanWizard or Silverfast, but I
    assume that's because the latter two are dedicated to that scanner, while Vuescan is
    written to drive many scanners.

    There is a bit of a learning curve when first encountering Silverfast, but ultimately I
    found it to be the perfect answer to my problems with Vuescan & 120tf.

  3. Hi, I am getting a MF scanner very soon, and the 120tf is my narrowest choice, the overall bundle seems to be very good. My next choice would be he Minolta multi pro or a used Imacon flextight photo.

    Can you tell anything negative about the microtek so far except the Vuescan problem? How is sharpness of the scans, grain enhancement, and dust showing up easily?

    I will scan 35mm and 6x6/ 6x7 negs, almost exclusively black and white stuff.

    Thanks, Bernhard
  4. Since I never scan B&W there isn't much I can say with respect to scanning performance
    that would be germane to your situation.

    With respect to holders & formats, I can say that the 35 mm holder is remarkably
    effective and easy to use when scanning chromes in full frame Wess mounts. Couldn't
    ask for anything better. With larger formats (I scan 645 & 6x7) I usually find it
    necessary to use the optional glass holder, with which I am not so pleased. It does get
    the job done, but getting the edges of the film to stay aligned with the holder's sides is
    a time consuming nuisance. Despite my best efforts, I find myself looking at crooked
    previews way too often.

    I am very happy with this scanner's sharpness on chromes of all sizes (when the glass
    holder is employed for MF film). I found MF scans produced by the Epson 3200 to be
    too soft for my taste: the 120tf is in another league altogether (as is its price).


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