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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by steve_patton, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Does VueScan software offer a digital dust removal feature? (Auto dust brush? Infrared
    dust removal? Whatever.) If so, how do I find it? Software appears quite stable compared to
    Dimage ScanDual IV's standard software (which really sucks), but am missing this one
    important feature. Hope you can help. Thx.
  2. Vuescan doesn't have anything like "Auto Dust Brush", but will support ICE, or equivalent, if your scanner is equipped with that, which the SD IV isn't. (It's under the "Filter" tab if your scanner has infrared cleaning.)
  3. Scan Dual IV does not have ICE, which uses infrared light. Vuescan uses this same infrared light, but it's available on your scanner.
  4. Mendel's answer's a bit confusing. Vuescan will use the IR channel of your scanner with its own dust-removing algorithm. How well this works depends on your scanner and the version of Vuescan. Recent versions of Vuescan work fairly poorly with my Canon FS4000US.

    Your scanner doesn't have any sort of hardware dust cleaning. Try using Photoshop's dust and scratches filter on selections (especially sky or other areas without detail).
  5. Roger's response is correct and I will add that Vuescan's dust removal algorighm currently works poorly with the Minoltas. I download each new version of Vuescan that comes out in hopes that it will finally work decently with my Scan Elite 5400, but so far no dice.
  6. jtk


    Vuescan worked perfectly with my Minolta 5400II, while I owned it.

    I use it on my Nikon V...the very lightest setting deals with all airborn dust..I've never found any utility for the higher settings. Current Nikons have an advantage over other scanners in their extra infared light's intended specifically and only for Ice/infared.

    Neither the lightest setting nor the middle setting affect grain or sharpness in current Nikons, unlike earlier versions of ICE.

    Anything that uses Ice will use Vuescan's infared app, including Epsons.
  7. August, I concur about Vuescan's cleaning with the Minolta's. I don't bother downloading each new version anymore, just keep alert to other's comments if some improvement does come along. The what's new list on Vuescan's site has to be taken with a grain of salt as well.

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