vuecscan nikon LS 8000 scanning problem

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  1. When I preview in Vuescan and set the crop lines to the extremities of the negative, an inner dotted line rectangle which is at an angle appears. This inner rectangle is the area the scanner now scans, and no, I can't expand it out and angle it correctly! Please see attached screen shot. I've been using this setup for years and this has never happened before, not will it go away. Any idea. I tried to contact Hamrick, but I can't find the Vuescan.log filemw hicyo need to submit a request fro help. I searched everywhere (Mac OSX 10.6.8) and the file does not exist on my computer. Searched using spotlight and also followed Hamrick's instructions to find the log file.
    Thank You, RIchard Screen shot 2020-07-16 at ThuJul16.png
  2. Should the 'Skew' slider be at 5?
  3. Thanks Joe, I'll check that "angle" out.
  4. Set Skew to zero

    Skew is to make horizons level, or make the leaning Tower of Pizza vertical.
  5. Good work, Joe. I put Skew to "0", and everything back to normal! Vuescan was even saving the accidentally altered skew when closing the program.
    Thank You, RIchard
  6. No probs Richard.
    Glad it's sorted.
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