VR on/off @ 160th sec for 300/4 PF VR

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  1. To determine once and for all the effectiveness of the VR function on this lens post-firmware fix at 1/160 sec (1 stop below 1/FL), I tested my lens on a D750 with VR on and off at S and Q shooting modes. All shots were hand-held, tightly cropped at 100%, ISO 100. Images shown are best and worst cases out of 10 frames for each group. All images with VR were far better than the worst with VR turned off but not as vibration free as the best VR turned off. The downside of VR off is that there were far fewer keepers than VR turned on. Here are the images:
  2. VR in S mode
  3. VR switched on, S mode
  4. VR on, Q mode
  5. VR off, S mode, worst
  6. VR off, S mode, best
  7. VR off, Q mode, worst
  8. VR off, Q mode, best
  9. practice hand holding, you will get better with more practice :)
  10. As a reference on detail capture, here is the full un-cropped image.
  11. VR seems to work as expected on your lens. VR has finite precision (due to measurement errors and the slight delay between measurement and control operations). If there is no shake, the VR system causes a bit of blur. If there is in fact shake, then it does its best in reducing its effects on the image sharpness. So the sharpest frames are not made using VR, but the average sharpness of hand-held shots at slow to medium shutter speeds should certainly be improved if VR is used. This is probably true of VR on any lens.
  12. That's my impression too. Reviewing the total # of very sharp or acceptably sharp images without VR was 25% of the 20 images shooting at 1/160 sec. As the shutter speed goes down, there would be even fewer acceptably sharp images without VR. The VR feature performs even better in producing sharp images compared to 1 stop below 1/FL as shooting speed approaches the claimed 4.5 stops below 1/FL.

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