Voigtlander VC meter.

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  1. Voigtlander VC meter -- any comments? It seems awfully expensive.
  2. I had the first version a while back. It had a couple of problems. One of the little dials that controlled ISO setting would get loose no matter what so slightest bump would change the ISO, I had to resort to taping it down...awkward. Also was usually about a stop off. I think they have newer versions now, but don't know if they fixed the issues.
  3. The smallness of the meter does make setting values a little difficult. When I need something more compact as a meterI use it (the second version which works quite well) on an older film Leica (preferring it to the old CdS leicameter) and a Fujifilm GSW 690, where it makes for less things to carry about. But usually I prefer a larger neck strap handheld meter (in my case the Gossen LUNA-PRO digital, acquired second hand in mint condition for half the price of the VC-II meter) that can measure both reflected and incident light and just as quickly. I thought I really needed an on-camera small meter, but in most cases time has shown that to be otherwise, at least for me. Perhaps something to think about before a purchase.
  4. Oops, double post.
  5. The only reason to buy it would be its small size. I have one and I've attached a loop to enable me to hang it round my neck. It's not much bigger than some bits of jewellery. The only thing that really annoys me is that the ISO setting moves too easily. I tried removing it to see if I could fit another friction washer but couldn't see a way. I'm actually thinking of setting the ISO at 400 with a spot of glue. I could make a mental adjustment if using a slower or faster film. I think it's accurate, having regard to its moderately wide angle of view, but keep the bright sky out of its angle of view.
  6. I bought one for travel purposes with my old Minoxes, a Fuji 670, and then with some Hasselblad 500s - leaving bigger meters at home. It did the job, but is a bauble now yet still works fine. I am enjoying using my smartphone as a lightmeter for the same old film cameras, but the VC meter did a good job as designed.
  7. I have two Voigtlander meters, one black one silver Vc meter II.

    Small and attachable directly to hotshoe is its advantage

    However, IMO, it is not as easy to use as Sekonic Twinmate L208.

    With Sekonic, turinng one dial gives six or seven pairs of speed/apeture readings, with Voigtlander meter, sometimes you need to turn two dials to
    get suitable readings. and the range of direct readdings is limited to three only three pairs
  8. Voigtlander VC meter II

    ISO 25 TO 3200
    F number from F1 to F22
    Shutter speed from 1 to 2000
  9. I bought the first version new. Like Uhooru, I found the meter to be at least a stop off. I prefer a Gossen Digisix or the Twinmate,
    both taking very little room in pocket. Having been burned once, I have not bothered with later versions. Sometimes my Luna Pro F
    is simply more than I want to carry.
  10. I have 4 TLRs
    1 Rolleiflex f3.5 6x6
    2 Seagull f3.5 6x6
    1 Segaull f3.5 4x4 tlr
  11. I have the 1st version black of the meter. It is dead on with my Sekonic L502. I didn't have issues with the dials. Only down side is I forget and leave it on - burns batteries :(.

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