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  1. I have found the little VC meter to be great on my old Leicas and other classic RF's. I want to buy a second one, a VC II model, but they have disappeared from eBay and the dealers say they are back ordered or the price is unreasonable. Is it possible that these meters will go out of production?
  2. The U.K. distributor is still listing the VC11

  3. Ay, but at 113 GBP + 17.5% VAT and shipping...

    erm, that's something like US$265 but then again the dollar is basically worthless these days.

    Glad I got mine when I did. These are great meters though, much easier to use than the VC1 version, well worth tracking one down.

    Bear in mind that the limited availability may mean that a VCIII is coming soon. Steve Gandy at Cameraquest has hinted that there are some new goodies coming from CV soon.
  4. Hi, David. The VC Meter II is a very good choice and the UK distriburor Robert White is a very excellent dealer. In option, you can find the VC Meter II on the www.cameraquest.com, selled by Stephen Gandy. For my taste, nevertheless, i prefer my Sekonic L208, that i mount on the accessory shoe of my Leica M2. Instead, i use the L208 separately, whit my Asahi Pentax Spotmatic or Canon FP. The L208 have both the incident and reflected light measurement capability and allow the use of the ancient shutter speeds, very useful with all Zeiss Ikon rangefinder cameras (35 mm or medium format) and whit the ancient LTM Leica cameras. Ciao.
  5. I bought my VC I for $110 with the leather case and neck strap. However, the dials move easily, too easily, and you must watch the settings to ensure they have not accidentally moved. The VC II sounds great but at around $265, I think I'll pass. The Sekonic L208 sounds like a good alternative. There was a time when my eye was calibrated and I rarely used a meter. Thanks for the advice.
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  6. $174. at Camera Quest


  7. I was just about to post the same link! David if you are going to use it on-camera the VCII is far the best choice. The L208 is a nice small handheld but I find it poor in low light.
  8. What type of sensors do the L-208 and VCII use? My digisix became unreliable and I need a replacement, I think. I say I think because in buying a gaggle of screwmount items yesterday, a throwin item was a Gossen Pilot of unknown age, which comes in its neat little case. It is selenium but appears to be accurate enough, at least in the range of EVs I typically shoot in (greater than 7, which I think is at the threshold of handholding with ISO 200 film). If I need more sensitivity, I use a Canon T90, or Nikon FE2. I was on the verge of ordering a VCII, but the L208 is tempting at half the price.
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    Gossen Pilot is useless IMO. I do have one and yes, it's accurate within its narrow range, but it's not worth carrying because of that narrow range.

    How did your Digisix "become unreliable?" Mine's deadly accurate Vs my Minolta Flashmeter (used nonflash) and my two foolishly and expensively CLA-d Canon F1s. They're all within a half stop of each other every time I compare.
  10. to john kelly: The digisix was very accurate for about six months. Then when I would take multiple reading of the same scene, it seemed to vary +/- 2 stops pver a short period of time. Same ting when compared with camera built-in meters that I tend to trust. Changed batteries - same thing. Why do you consider CLA-ing your Canon F1s to be foolish. I have a nice F1 that I am considering for a CLA if only to recalibrate meter to take silver 1.5v batteries. I will be checking teh Gossen Pilot in the near future. If it is reasonably accurate in the 7-14 EV range, tht's good enough for my meterless voightlanders and leica screwmounts. If not, as I said, I have some cameras than cna meter down to EV 0. Plus I can always use my digital Canon A620 as a meter. BTW, it bugs me that I cn only activate the M6 meter by tensioning the shutter.
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    Kerry, I spent $160ea for those F1 CLAs. I think it'd have been smarter to give them viking burials, committing entirely to rangefinders. The F1-s were unrivaled for precision and ruggedness and had few rivals optically, and mine have served me well for a long time. Damn, they're heavy though!

    I admit that I've read of others having trouble with their Digisixes.
  12. Both VC Meter II and Sekonic L208 employ a silicon cell.
  13. Thanks to all for all the helpful advice. ...and so far not a single snide comment about using a meter on a classic rangefinder. I appreciate that too.
  14. I have two Voigtlander meters, one black one silver Vc meter II.

    Small and attachable directly to hotshoe is its advantage

    However, IMO, it is not as easy to use as Sekonic Twinmate L208.

    With Sekonic, turinng one dial gives six or seven pairs of speed/apeture readings, with Voigtlander meter, sometimes you need to turn two dials to
    get suitable readings. and the range of direct readdings is limited to three only three pairs​
  15. I guess the VC meters are even harder to find for a reasonable price now than they were 10 years ago when this thread started!

    Is anyone using the Gossen Digisix as a shoe-mounted meter? It;s not as pretty as the VC, but it's more functional. The infamous Mr Rockwell has a nice description: Gossen Digisix
  16. That's exactly why I stopped using it ages ago. I had to tape down the bloody ISO wheel or it moved. I wonder if the newer version fixed that?

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