Voigtlander Vag - any users out there?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by sandeha lynch, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. I've just got hold of a Vag in very clean and functional condition, with a 10.5cm Voigtlander Anastigmat Skopar f4.5 lens (#724882). The lens is immaculately clean, but I'll be getting the film holders separately so it'll be a while before I can use it.
    Would anybody have an idea of the year of manufacture? Body number B723149. There's very little on the web (that I've found) except a note that it was smaller and simpler than the Avus and Bergheil. OTOH, these lenses were used on a variety of cameras. Does anyone have experience (or any recent shots) with one of these lenses?
  2. It's a plate camera from the 1920's. McKeown's values the camera between 45 and 60 USD.
  3. I picked up a couple of these 9x12 cm plate cameras when I first got hot for old cameras. I didn't get Voigtlanders, though. I got a Glunz and a Zeiss and maybe a Feca if I remember correctly. I stumbled into a Crown Graphic shortly after that though and just fell straight to 4x5 shots. I still like the idea of the 9x12; they fold up like little books. I bet the negs are great.

    Are you going to cut your own film? I think "Film for Classics" still sells it pre-cut. I got a box from them; tried to actually; they sent 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 and I never bothered to return it.

    The lens ought to ve very sharp, but watch out for flare if stray sunlight falls directly on the lens. Shade the camera when you shoot. I'd also dry-fire the shutter 20 - 30 times before you use film. The speeds will likely be slow but it will loosen up with some use.
  4. Hi Wayne ... I should have mentioned that this is actually a 6x9. I gather 120 roll film backs come up from time to time but I'm getting a Zodel neg back that (apparently) holds 4 or 5 negs - I'll pick them up next month though.
    I cut my own sheet for another camera so it shouldn't be a problem. I also have a 4x5" but this one is cute, folding up so small.
  5. I meant Ward ...
  6. The dating of 1920s sounds right -- the Skopar is a good lens (a high quality triplet), f/4.5 is too fast for prior to 1920, and dial set shutters were pretty well gone by 1930. I think you'll like it, especially stopped down to f/8 or smaller.
  7. JandC photo has some 200 speed in 6.5x9 size.

  8. The plate camera section of this great Voigtlander site has information on the Vag.
    The Vag, Avus, and Bergheil were each sold in a several plate sizes; so the Vag is not necessarily "smaller" than the others. But it was "simpler", as you got more movements, double-extension bellows, and different focusing controls, bubble levels, and better lenses and shutters as you move up in the line.
    I recently bought a 6.5x9cm folding plate camera (a Zeiss Maximar) myself, and am waiting on a rollfilm back to be delivered so I can try it out. Pretty fanstastic pieces of machinery.
  9. Thanks to all ... it's great to see that specialist companies are selling the most obscure film sizes. How much of this is 'still selling' or have 'restarted' on account of a resurgence of interest?
    David ... good luck with your Maximar. It'll be months before I get proper use from the Vag but I'm looking forward to seeing what the lens can do.
  10. Incidentally, if you don't already know it, you might want to browse the catalogue of the camera house They have quite a selection of classic 'runners' and 'parts'.
  11. A while back in reading a book on Rolleiflex I stumbled across an interesting story on the Vag. It was supposedly the last camera designed by Reinhold Heidecke for Voigtlander before he and Paul Frank founded the Rolleiflex company.

    Just FYI.

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