Voigtlander Snapshot Skopar?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by sus_pendme, May 2, 2007.

  1. Ahoj to all, I am very new here. I do like to hear about Voigtlander Snapshot
    Skoper 21 and 25mm lenses for my Bessa; do any of you have bad things to say
    about this lenses?

    Sus of Praha.
  2. http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=site%3Aphoto.net&q=Snapshot+Skopar
  3. suspend me?
  4. jtk


    Bad things? My 25/4 isn't a 21: That's about the worst I can say. It's amazingly sharp, not romantic. It vignettes on 35 (who cares)? It could use a bigger shade than it comes with, but everything else does too. It's f4 instead of 2.8. Love it.
  5. 25 is a fine lens only bettered by the latest offerings from Leica and Zeiss. I bought mine to replace 21 and 28 Leica lenses for hiking etc where weight is important. Still have them though.

    21 should be the same.
  6. Sus from Praha, I have a 21mm lens. It isn't getting used now. I may want to sell it.
  7. Sus,

    I used the Skopar 25mm briefly. I only sold it because I didn't use it very much and more
    importantly felt I didn't use it very well! But as regards construction and so forth, I
    thought it a lovely little lens.

    It may well be that the new versions of the coupled 21mm and 24mm lenses from
    Voigtlander are slightly better ergonomically, though. The old 24mm and 21mm have the
    little focusing lever attachments; I think the new pancake versions of the 21mm and
    24mm have the integrated focusing tab -- which I personally find more comfortable to
    use. But these are relatively minor points of personal preference, really. I still think the
    great advantage of the Voigt lenses is that they are fantastic value -- so if, like me, you
    want to try and get better at wide-angle photography, you can buy decent WA lenses
    without spending too much.

  8. 25mmVC
  9. 21mmVc both great lenses. read the acrhives...
  10. The 25mm Snapshot Skopar is not coupled to the rangefinder..it is estimate focus. The
    21mm Voigtlander lens IS coupled to the rangefinder.
  11. jtk


    By comparison, I find an slr with 24/2.8 very hard to focus in many lighting conditions but 25/4 is easy to zone focus in every lighting condition because of the lever.
  12. Thank you for kind messages. I have lot to read.
    Vivek-- I am interested. How do I contact you?
  13. Love the 25 VC; it's almost always on my IIIF.
  14. I have the 25mm, and it is a very good lens. Build quality is very good, ergonomics very good. I do wish it had cam focussing, but for the price I'm happy with zone focussing. If I had any objection, it would be that it's a tad contrasty. Color saturation is outstanding.
  15. Sus-buddy, Click on my name and get the email address from p.net if you already do not have it! :)
  16. Hi dear friend. Those lenses are both wonderful. The 25 mm f/ 4 allow only the hyperfocal focusing, because don't is coupled with the rangefinder. The 21 mm f/ 4 is coupled with the rangefinder. My brother own the 21 mm f/ 4 and we find this lens very superb, mechanically and optically.

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