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  1. In Old Mesilla, New Mexico, I decided to try out the battery of lenses for my Voigtlander Prominent. There was the 35 Skoparon, the 50 1.5 Nokton, the 100 Dynaron and the 150 Super-Dynaron. Here are some scans from supermarket prints. First up, the 35 Skoparon:
  2. The scan is not doing it much justice, but here is the 50 Nokton:
  3. The 100 Dynaron:
  4. And the 150 Super-Dynaron:
  5. That last one doesn't do the 150 justice. It really is a nice lens. So here is another one:
  6. And another one taken across the old plaza. All these are hand held by the way (as if you couldn't tell that!)
  7. And, finally, here is just the sign from the last one - hand held, remember:
  8. I was just handling my Prominent; I am trying to decide whether to keep it or de-acquire it. All those who have weighed in on wacky (*unusual*) ergonomics are right--but you are a fan. Is it the lenses, the build quality, sheer perversity, that keeps you using the Prominent?
  9. Thank you so much for posting the photos. They looked very good to me. I have several Prominent bodies and the 35mm , and 100 mm and 50 mm (f/1.5 and f/2.0) lenses. Due to old age and rheumatoid arthritis, I have not got around to testing them. Yes, i will admit the ergonomics are quirky, especially since I became close to blind in my right eye. The ergonomics are the same as with my beloved VITO III folding camera. Now that the sun is returning to the Pacific NW, I am encouraged to gear up with my Prominents. I also have some Vitessa's. Great workmanship.
  10. Chauncy, I understand the 150 Super Dynaron is a scale focus lens uncoupled from the rangefinder. Have you shot much with it wide open? I've been looking at one scaled in meters and wonder how the heck I'd focus accurately since my brain is scaled in feet... Lance
  11. First, in comparing the screen images with the prints, I must apologize for the lack of quality of the screen images. I've got to experiment with scanning to see if I can get it closer to the original. I wonder what would happen if I scanned the film directly with a film scanner? Yes, the "ergonomics" of the Prominent... funky comes to mind. Using one is a bit of a mental exercise. I have to admit that the first time I put the 35 on I shot 2 frames before I remembered that I hadn't mounted the Turnit finder. True, the 150 is not coupled to the rangefinder. You have to get the distance with the rangefinder in feet and transfer it to the lens in meters. It is really not that bad. It just requires some thought instead of blind digisnapping. I haven't shot it very open as the true top shutter speed is now 250 and I was using 100 speed film and you can see it was a bright New Mexico day. Anyway, why go through all this hassle? It is a precision instrument with fine lenses that deserves to be used - at least on occasion. Anyone know of a good source for the 43mm fine thread filters that the lenses take? Here's one more try with the scanning that I shot yesterday to finish off the roll:
  12. Beautiful pictures Chauncey,
    I've always wanted to get a Prominent. I think Voigtlanders are such beautiful cameras. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Lance, it's easy. Five feet is 1.5 meters. Ten feet is 3 meters. A meter is only four inches longer than a yard. When you pace off distances, use bigger steps.
  14. Thanks for sharing these. I have always loved Voigtlanders, and have a Prominent with the 35, Nokton and the 100 Dynaron. Congrats on the 150, it is a very scarce lens these days.
    Never easy to use, as mentioned above, their sheer quirkiness makes them a joy to own, and that applies to most Voigtlander cameras.
    I found the Prominent lenses to perform much better with B&W, especially the Nokton, which has a beautiful quality, somewhat like early Leica optics. When I shot colour with my Nokton, I found some blue colour fringing around high key subjects, no doubt due to a slight chromatic aberration. This gives that slightly soft, but still quite sharp appearance, that is sometimes called the Leica glow.
    If you can locate one of those Turnit finders, grab it, as they are much more user friendly than the rather small and dim standard viewfinder.
    Look forward to more of your Prominent shots, especially the 150.
  15. Nice shots with what look to be an excellent set of lenses. Thanks for sharing.
  16. For those who aren't familiar with it, the Turnit finder mentioned has parallax adjustment and is marked for the 35 on one end and 100 on the other. In use you flip down the eyepiece and rotate the viewing tube so that the focal length marked facing you (ie, the far end) matches the lens and then flip the eyepiece back up (which covers up the other number.) For the 150, you take the mask which comes with the lens (make sure you get one) and place it over the 100 end. I actually have two Prominents, an early Type I and a late lever wind Type I. I have two 50 1.5 Noktons and two 35 Skoparons - but only one Turnit. I had the older Prominent CLA'ed by Carol at Flutots. I managed to find a proper yellow filter today so I am set for B&W. I have a roll of Agfapan 25 squirreled away that I will donate to the test and I'll be able to try the 150 more open.
  17. I find the Prominent with 35 Skoparon to be a swift shooter when equipped with the Turnit.
    I simply set focus to 8-10ft, f/stop to 5.6 or 8, and bring the viewfinder to my eye just before the decisive moment and then snap the shutter.
    Plus, it looks so cool with a V'lander chrome lens hood and metal herringbone neckstrap/chain. Makes Leica M's look like run-of-the-mill Chevrolets.
    The Prominent may be a love-it-or-hate-it RF. At least it has plenty going for it as far as quallity build and optics. Just enough charm to keep the interest of dedicated fans, and more than enough "quirkiness" to keep us left-of-center.
  18. Lovely photo and right on with the comments.
  19. Well, I bought the metric scaled 150 Super Dynaron and used a shoe-mount Voigtlander metric rangefinder and am surprised how accurately the focus turned out. I'm attaching a couple shots comparing views with the 35mm Skoparon and the 150mm Super Dynaron. Looking forward to running a roll of color print film soon.
  20. Here is the same scene through the 150mm Super Dynaron
  21. Here is the same scene through the 150mm Super Dynaron. Hopefully it will display properly.
  22. Okay, one more time...
  23. Hello everybody i'm not really into photography and all of that stuff but i did recently find a super-dynaron 150. it's like brand new and since i have no use for it i'm looking to sell it. if you guys are interested just let me know and we'll try to work something out.

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