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  1. I was reading an old Jason Schneider column about the normal lenses for this camera. He rates the Skopar as the best optic, over the Ultron and Nokton! Anyone agree? I've seen the Skopar praised before, but only as a bargain alternative to the serious glass.
  2. I've never seen a Prominent with 50/3.5 Skopar - but evidently they do exist. I prefer the Ultron.

    Voigtlander Prominent

    With regards to the 50mm, f/3.5 Skopar - if it as well designed at the unit focusing 50mm, f/2.8 version - which was fitted to the later Vitomatic and Bessamatics - it's very good lens. Both the Vitomatic and Bessamatic were like the Prominent also behind-the-lens leaf shutter cameras.

    The first image below shows a close up exposure with the f/2.8 on a Vitomatic IIa in as close as I could get the camera to focus.


    Second exposure is with DKL mount f/2.8 50mm Skopar

  3. Here's a hand-held exposure taken at f/2.8 indoors with 50mm Skopar mounted to a Vtio BR, which is essentially a Vitomatic II without a built in light meter.

    Wide open, close in, not as crisp - but still acceptable.

  4. I think it is impossible to define "best" since each lens has its own character. I really like all 50mm Voigtlander lenses (despite their camera). My personal favorite is 50/2 Ultron on Vitessa barndoor, which is razor sharp and romantic at the same time. 50/1.5 Nokton on Prominent has its unique OoF rendering that could be wonderful sometimes. And 50/2.8 Skopar on Bessamatic can be sharp and pleasant too. All have their own appeal, in my opinion. Here are a few examples, Ultron, Nokton, and Skopar.

    Tea house
    by Zheng, on Flickr

    Spring is here?
    by Zheng, on Flickr

    Cherry blossom
    by Zheng, on Flickr
  5. I now feel inspired to shoot a roll with a Skopar on the Prominent. And a roll on the Vito III, which has an Ultron. The Nokton, I agree, gives great bokeh. I have an embarrassment of riches!
  6. Wow. This sort of question, or at least some kind of answer for it, is only possible with the internet.

    I didn't expect, even here, to see any answers, but :)

    Now, I'll go back to trying to repair one of my many failed copies of the M42 Meyer Domiplan.
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  7. +1 in favour of the Ultron, but then I've only ever used it with B&W.
    Well, they say every man needs a hobby....... or is that penitence for some heinous sin?:p
  8. I like Bruce_z's anssweer. Each has it'S own characterits and given the situation might give a better, or better said, different rendition of the scene. I have the Skopar on various 35mm, but only one MF. I find it'S performance very god as a Tessar type . Good for landscapes and the 2.8 is ok for some low light situations, The Ultron which I have only the one copy, on the Vitomatic IIIb ? is a great Gaussian lens and performs like that . It'S a felxible lens and performs well in many situations. Never had the Nokton it is only available for the Prominent? I mean the historical one. So no real experience, can only imagine the bokeh is good ..mainly becasue of the tremndous speed.
  9. I believe the Nokton was also made with M Mount for Leica. It does indeed have lovely bokeh.

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