Voigtlander 50/2.5 picture

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by dan d. chang, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. http://www.geocities.com/chendayuan2001/v50.html

    Is this picture ' Leica' look? anyone has voigtlander 50/2.5
    pictures? thanks
  2. Too slow.
  3. Leica look for sure! In a 72dpi sort of way. I'm sure the lens is great, but remember it is hard to tell a lot on the internet. Although you can judge a lens signiture when shot wide open, such as Ian's thread a few down ok on posted pics.
  4. Nice pic. I've got one of these. It seems able to produce B&W pics with a nice kind of "dreamy glow" to them that I like. I often wonder what this means optically.

    I also love the small size and seemingly sturdy, heavy build. With the 50/2.5 I can have a small walking around kit in 50mm. I like 50mm.

    OTOH, it's not ultra sharp. My inexpensive, little 50/1.8 AFD just creams it in this regard. But sharpness isn't everything, and I guess my sample could be off for one reason or another. Whatever the case, I'm having fun with mine.
  5. You know, this so-called "Leica look" can be achieved with any camera, SLR or rangefinder, with a cheap-but-respectable, relatively fast 50mm lens of moderate vintage (e.g., any old 50/2 Nikkor, Minolta Rokkor, Olympus Zuiko, or Pentax Takumar, all for under 50 USD). This look has more to do with the style of photography (e.g., framing with out-of-focus foreground objects; out-of-focus background) than with the equipment itself.

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