Voigtländer Bessa 66 and Some Shots with a Heliar Lens

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  1. That's interesting kmac thank you. It seems the basic construction of a simple lens between two cemented pairs was the defining factor, with variations in spacing etc, many asymmetrical. I was surprised to see that the Ektar lens on the Kodak Medalist is actually a Heliar type.
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  2. Kodak also used a Heliar type lens for photofinishing.

    Emperor Hirohito swore by the Heliar for his selfies way back before the war - they must be good!

    You should make absolutely sure John that yours is a Heliar, that camera had three different lenses research shows.

    Voigtar 75mm f3.5, Color Heliar 75mm f/3.5, Skopar 75mm f/3.5 ... All f3.5 ... Voigtländer Bessa 66

    Sharpness is not the sole indication, I get nice sharp images like your pics from my Franka Solida Radionar triplet lens. Rendering and contrast would be better indications. Heliar is good for portraiture apparently.

    Checking to see if it's a Heliar, if you ever get that shutter to stay open, you should see a minimum of eight reflections, with two possibly being faint ones on account of the cemented elements front and rear.

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