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  1. I have a Voightlander Vito Automatic 1 and it appears to be all there and functional. The problem seems to be that I need to know how best to use it. Any thoughts, tricks and tips will help me on this one.
    I am now enjoying photography as one of my retirement hobbies along with collecting and using some vintage film gear.

    This Vito joins 2 Bessas, a Zeiss Super Ikonta 531/16, Agfa Billy Jgetar and a Zeiss Nettar 515. All 120 folders.
    Then there is the Kodak stuff ....

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. According to Simon Hawketts' page on this model, "The exposure system is novel. The camera shoots at only one shutter speed and that is set by the speed of the film fitted to the camera. A 12 DIN (12 ISO) film will set the camera to shoot at 1/30 sec and a 24 DIN (200 ISO) will set the shutter speed to 1/500 sec. Once this is set, the aperture is controlled via the selenium cell, with the indication in the viewfinder as mentioned above." Not that you're likely to find any 12 ISO film around, these days.

    Selenium cells often deteriorate, leading to incorrect metering. In this camera, that could be very troublesome, as the meter controls the exposure. I'm told that they can be replaced, but I have no idea what that would cost. Someone else may be along with more info.
  3. Welcome to the Forum, Steve. As Dave has hinted, there's every possibility that the selenium cell or it's connections have given up the ghost, rendering the camera inoperable. There are instructions for use on the Butkus site; if you download them slip Mike the $3 donation he asks, to support this amazing service.

    Voigtlander Vito instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals, classic camera manual

    I'm pleased to see another retiree tottering into the wonderful jungle of camera collecting! Please post some of your results on this Forum.
  4. Welcome to your retirement club... I mean to the CMC forum.:) All of the above is right on . So Caveat Empor!
    You might be able to see if the aperture is changing to the light conditions just be looking at it to see if it opens up or close down by looking at it from the rear . In ln moderately interior low light it should stay open noticeably longer and pointing the lamp should of course be much shorter and it may be possible to see the aperture difference ....or not! As Rick said .. do post some results. I' curious to see how the Vito Automatic works. I ahve a few Voightlaender cameras. I've always been impressed with their build quality... I assume this is Skopar.. a fine performer!!

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