Vlogging as a form of video. Selfies with pictures, or what?

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  1. Here was the response to some technical advice (gratuitously) offered. Not sought since vlogging declared an "anti photographic" form.

    " ...Vlogging = Worse Photographic Practices combined into one:
    • Shoot Close 1 Arm Away
    • Shoot Wide (to capture surrounding)
    • Shoot while Moving About
    • You cannot avoid facial distortion
    • You cannot avoid harsh outdoor lighting
    • You cannot avoid acne scar from showing
    That is why Vlogging tend to be popular with the Young & Beautiful teenagers with great skin.,," end quote,,,

    How does this grab you? Any room for technical guidance in that genre or what?
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  2. Check out Lok Cheung's site & scroll down to "How I do what I do".
  3. Sanford E. Wow, he is engaging, Sort of,
  4. Imagine if I did a vlog. This would be the gist. Here I am with my camera on my bike handlebars with am eBay bracket.... Excuse the shaking. I tried to do a rock dodge but missed the pot hole while chatting at you my friends....and here is the parking lot where I get my grits..( fade to black) ...sorry for delay as I am in a hospital bed in traction. Those dumbass Califonia drivers need to learn to back up carefully. But my face is unscarred and I still have that sexy cleft in my chin. ..check out the PM nurse. Hubba hubba to coin a phrase.... I know. I know. One could even call Venus Barely Legal's cam videos a form of vlogging, eh what? Can one vlog in pjs. A bathrobe of silk? What did Heff wear?
  5. Sure? - I think Ken Wheeler ("The Angry Photographer" / Theoria Apophasis" on Youtube) rambled out of a bathrobe once. - Stay American mainland-mainstream modest + comfortable & go ahead!
    Everything is relative? - Some folks have a fair chance to catch flattering outdoor light. - Gopros & such can be had water protected so why not use a flattering overcast rainy day for shooting? - If your acne scar is your biggest concern, why not sit down and waste time to healing brush it out on 30FPS motionJPEG? - OTOH let's be realistic: there is so much that goes into vlogging, at least in theory; so why not dare to suck in a few fields but to shine in others? Imperfections can add a nice human touch.
    I'd love a deal which blocked my access to local state owned TV, it's make up artists and big budged productions but saved me the monthly cost of broadcasting fees.
    I suggest to look at the serenity prayer and seek:
    "....the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference."

    as a vlogger too.
    I notice that Germany's most popular vlogging lawyer has frequent bad hair days, although he appears at least dressed for his job. Talking hair...Is Gopro footage from a camera hotshoe great to watch? - Not really. But:

      • We are all free to hit the little "x" in the upper right corner.
      • We should also ask ourselves: "Is typing into the Internet a good idea?" Wouldn't donning a shirt and spitting out a vlog buy us a new lens cap in the long run?
    TY to all who are contributing to this site and no, I haven't figured out which way I'd like to go. All I am noticing: it might be time to get into vlogging, while we still can for cheap. - Some serious Youtubers geared up, so entering that field might become a bigger obstacle.
    Another thought: Isn't the vlogging scene a reminder how unimportant imagery is, either to the majority or maybe even at the end of all days?
  6. The great thing about vlogging is that visuals don't actually matter (as Jochen wrote in his last sentence above). One vlogger I follow uses a VGA webcam and they have no plans on 'upgrading'. It's about the personality of the presenter, really. I don't follow any of the really famous vloggers, as they don't interest me (though one guy I follow just hit 1M subscribers). My favourite vlogs are when several people get together on a group chat to talk about stuff I like. It's the subject matter, not the image quality that matters.
  7. Yes, I think it is easy to forget that, - unless it is so bad that it distracts and detracts from the subject.
  8. Thanks. So it is not just about narcissisim- as a friend suggested. Latest communication mode you say. Photography just a handy medium without standards. Standards even disrupts intention perhaps. I am getting the idea,thanks. The Angry Photographer, Jochen?. I love title.
  9. I wonder if screengrabs as photography is one of the worst photographic practices.

    Yesterday Google search engine page provided a link to a video that featured a photographer with agoraphobia entering her Google map street view screengrab photography in a sponsored gallery showing. This isn't new as I found out another artist did the same back in 2012, but it still begs the question who, what, where and when gets to decide what is bad photographic practices considering screengrab photography is now art.
  10. Tim, you've probably heard of rephotography? It's just as asinine. It's basically taking photos of... photos. A famous case of rephotography was a photograph of a section of a Marlboro ad. I wish I had thought of it though. I could be rich!
  11. Answer Tim- I do of course. If I say it is photographic, then it is...what you want a Gallup Poll? On the other hand, some goofy people would say avant garde means break rules and there are no rules. If so, why do we congregate in a place called PHOTO NUTZ, Don't answer :)

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