Vladimir Panasenko Exhibition at the Leica Store San Francisco

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    Vladimir • San Francisco • ©Brad Evans 2015
    In case you're in or visiting the SF Bay Area, my friend Vladimir Panasenko has an exhibition of his photography currently running at the Leica Store San Francisco. There's also a reception next Thursday evening, May 7th, starting at 6pm.
    Vlad's been shooting the streets of SF for 30 years and is one of the most committed street shooters I know. He de-chromed and de-lugged his eight M2s and named each after different Disney characters. I've had the pleasure of knowing Vlad and trading prints in the mail with him for around 10 years. I'm really stoked he's getting his due with this show! Check out the reception and exhibition if you're around...
    More info here
  2. It is good he is getting this recognition.
  3. Looks like he just escaped from somewhere after seriously abusing some M2's
  4. >>> Looks like he just escaped from somewhere after seriously abusing some M2's

    He and his family did escape from Ukraine, just before WWII. With respect to his M2s, he de-chromes
    them himself via reverse electroplating using a tank of sulphuric acid, a lead plate, and a car battery. The
    wood grips are from found driftwood. He also does his own CLAs.
  5. Great stuff.
  6. Talented Photographes are somewhat eccentric for some folks...but, is it not the" different" which makes the talent? Thank you for this post, Brad..
  7. I love his style. One of my favourites is #10. SF is such a great place to photograph, by the looks of it. I also love Fred Lyon's work.

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