Vivitar 'Ultra Wide and Slim'

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  1. The following shots were taken with a Vivitar Ultra-Wide and Slim. This is a cheap plastic camera I've been able to find in thrift stores for under $3. Photos were taken in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This is a fixed focus, fixed shutter speed, fixed aperture camera with a plastic 22mm lens. It just shows what can be achieved with a cheap camera. Film used was Kodak High-Definition 400.
    First shot is entitled "Yellow Building Series #1":
    Second shot is entitled "Old Awning":
    Third shot is entitled "Radiator Shop":
  2. Is this a new camera, or used camera? If new, what stores are you seeing it in?
  3. I've seen these at Thrift stores before... my favorite is the Ansco Panorama Pix. It has a 20mm lens and crops off the top and bottom of the frame for a faux panorama look... takes great pictures...
  4. Ansco Pix Panorama lens is 25mm not 20mm.
  5. Great shots. I love that camera. I have two of those. I use them all the time. Amazing quality for a piece of junk.
  6. I love that theatre shot, it's a pity that truck was out in front.
  7. Good photos. Excellent use of that camera.
  8. Yeah the damn truck pulled up and parked just as I was about to take the
  9. I'll confirm, It looks like Phoenix.

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