Vivitar DF-383

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  1. Has anybody tried the Vivitar DF-383? It appears to be a TTL version of the classic 283/285. Seems to be basic TTL and not some of the fancier features of a Nikon SB-series of flash, but does appear to be an affordable alternative that would be a step up from my 283/285 collection. Particularly interested if it has a HV connection for an external battery pack like the Quantum Turbo. From the description I've seen online it doesn't sound like it does.
  2. From various descriptions the flash on the web, it has "basic TTL", or "full TTL", etc. but what is really means ?
    Only one vendor out of many claims that it is an iTTL compatible, and compatible with a range of Nikon DSLR, possibly with whatever camera you have?
    To certain degree all flashes are compatible with all cameras, in eyes of vendors trying to sell them, if only they consider manual flash method.
    From demonstration video it perhaps does not have the high voltage external power socket. Watch the video closely to make sure.
    Since you do not tell what camera you have ?, there is no "fancier features", either it is iTTL compatible or it is not, as there is no basic TTL, or full TTL as such..
    The flash does not seem to be a CLS compatible.... as there is no hint of that.
    However the Vivitar higher numbered model claims remote TTL, ... then again you will need to know what it means. Since you do not have any Nikon CLS flash, perhaps this is not of your concern?
  3. Shooting with a D200. Not worried about remote control features but would like more reliable and precise exposure control than what I get with the automatic settings on the older Vivitars.

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