Vivitar dedicated flash questions (5600/4600/5200/3700, etc)

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  1. I just bought a used Vivitar 5600, and have a couple of questions.
    Is there a non-dedicated (single contact) module available for the Vivitar 5600/5200? These flash units take the "PM" (processor module) series.
    Also, I noticed that due to the recessed locking knob design, it's hard to tighten and loosen the flash unit. I can't get my fingers in there easily. I was thinking of filing away a bit of plastic near the base to make it easier. Am I missing something?
    I may have to modify both the contacts and the plastic near the locking knob on a processor module to achieve what I need (single pin operation and secure coupling to the camera).
  2. A quick way to adapt one brand of dedicated flash to another brand camera, is to cut a thin piece of plastic
    and place it between the camera's hot shoe and the foot of the flash.
    Cut this plastic shim so that only the center pin makes contact, while ensuring the other contact on the side,
    slide groove area, also, still makes contact.
    You can cut the shim from an old negative that you're willing to sacrifice.
  3. Canon dedicated flashes can be used on Nikon cameras, and vice versa, without any modification. The TTL pins don't match in position and can be ignored with no need for a plastic shim.
  4. Hay Mr A, You want to find a Vivitar Processor module PM P/S Which stand for Pentax/ Standard. This will give you the one contact . Also keep and eye out for a DSC3. This is the off camera cord for the flash. Of course nothing is going to be TTL but automatic will work as well as manual. Watching Ebay I have found flashes with this module for about the same price as a flash alone. Last trail through Ebay I ended up purchasing a 5600 and a standard module for under $20 with shipping. I now have a standard module and a dead 5600 flash. Looks like I am going to get a flash construction lesson. Hope this helps.

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