Vivitar 70-150 f3.8 Close-Focusing Auto Zoom #2282

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  1. I've been wondering if the very nice images I'm getting from this lens are
    unique, or possibly characteristic? I'll get some images up within the next day
    or so but, before I add this to my list of items up for grabs, I wanted to know
    if I was passing up a gem. I think I should keep it, though I'd be interested
    in knowing what others think.

    It is..

    Vivitar 70-150mm 1:3.8 Close Focusing Auto Zoom No. 22826060 w/ 52mm Dia filter

    I'm not aware of anything 'auto' about it despite that inclusion in it's
    naming. It seems like a fast manual zoom, and I love the fact I can get very
    close to subjects. It also works well with a Vivitar 2X - 22 TeleConverter I
    have. Likely better than any other lens I own which I find somewhat annoying
    since it's one of the least expensive lenses I own.

    I'd say wiht a some confidence I'm the first person to ever mount it to camera,
    I bought it used but, it was obviously not used before or not at all and, I
    know it's old. Maybe from the late 80's? The 'passed' sticker has '86' on it..

    Thanks all.
  2. Hi Tom,
    I would like too see photos from the Vivitar on a Pentax body to compare it with my Tamron SP 70-150mm F 2.8 portrait lens which is excellent but heavy.
  3. Tom, I have 3 of these Oldies but Goldies (and a 4th one is on the way) and it's quite annoying for me. You see, they're mostly manual (only 2 have the "A" setting for aperture) so they're a bit of a pain to use (meaning they require some work on my behalf, sheesh). However, they produce great pictures, and more importantly, they cover focal lengths and wide apertures that I cannot possibly afford to replace with modern glass.

    So, I'm sort of stuck with them for the time being, trying to make the most of them while I bid my time until I can afford their modern counterparts.

    I would definitely like to see some pictures taken with your Vivitar, and also some pictures of the lens itself. I think I've seen some on eBay in the past, but I've never tried to get one. So with the TC does that give you a 140-300mm f/7.1 that's sharp wide open?
  4. Oh, and the "auto" on the lens refers to the fact that it will stay wide open while it's mounted on the camera but stop down *automatically* to the chosen aperture when you release the shutter. Yeah, you know your lens is old when they call this basic function "automatic" :)
  5. Tom, is it the push-pull version, or does it have 2 rings?
  6. It's a two ring version.. close-focusing - 70 - 150 etc.. It does not have the 'A' and it is quite nice with a Vivitar 2x (AT-22) teleconverter. When I get home this evening I'll get some samples up.

    It also includes the built-in lens hood and 52mm filter thread. Originally designed for manual focus cameras only, it required me to remove the inner ring though it works superbly.

    Yes, with the 2x the numbers are, 140-300 f7.. It's sharper than my Sigma 100-300 DL f4.5-6.7 at 300mm f7..
  7. Looking forward to those pics, Tom. I think I have the same TC (2x-22, with no pin contacts), but no Vivitar lenses to use it with :)
  8. Wow...2 weeks later and I'm still waiting! :-D
  9. Oops - seems I forgot to include some photos :)
  10. another view..
  11. Another..
  12. OK - I'll look to see if I have any recently saved photos taken with the lens from the K10D - If
    I don't, keep nagging me - I promise to do a test for you.

    Hey - someone actually beat me on a bid for a 70-150 matched 2x Viv teleconverter!! I fell
    asleep and when I woke, the auction was over :( I wanted that thing so bad I could taste it!!
    The 2X-22 is good on some lenses like, so far the 50 f1.7, 70-150 f3.8, 105 f2.5.. It turns a
    macro or close-focusing lens into an unusual beast.
  13. Found some - I've been keeping by lens folders in Aperture but sometimes I just upload them to a 'my junk' type folder.. These are with the SR set to 100mm so these images are taken at 'about' 100mm as I may have zoomed in and out a little.
  14. these are about 100mm
  15. again at about 100mm
  16. Another of the furry bugger..
  17. What I've noticed about the lens; CA at wide open but completely manageable and it's a little
    on the cold side.

    Other than that, it's a really well built lens. I mean, top notch build. It's heavy but manageable
    but you need to get used to the rings.. I always grab the wrong one. And then I grab the one
    that doesn't move.. Always.. lol
  18. Thanks for the update, Tom :)

    I like the furry bugger shot! Very nice.

    I was wondering about about that third ring... Probably useful when getting the lens on and off the camera. About the macro, is just a close-focusing lens, or does it a have a macro mode? Is it 1:4 ratio?

    Yes, those dedicated converters go for a hefty price. It's probably cheaper for you to bid for a lens+converter combo, and then sell the lens.
  19. Here' two in 16-bit TIFF files, scratch that, 57mb - anyway, these are full-size JPGs!.. Just the third and fourth shots. All are with the Viv 2X-22 tele..
  20. Here's the furry bugger in full-size
  21. I really wanted it - I thought to myself, if it's this good with this Viv tele, it's gotta be
    outstanding with a matched unit..

    Not sure about the actual ratio in macro BUT, I did take a few photos a couple months back
    and remember looking at them thinking they were from my Viv 105.. They weren't, they were
    from the 70-150.. It may be closer than 1.4.. I'll shall take a shot now and report back in a
    bit with an image..
  22. I was wrong - It's not closer.. this is straight out of the camera..
  23. here's the full-size JPG of the 'not a bus fare' shot..
  24. Another straight from the camera..
  25. This is the big one of the 'mere pittance'
  26. So those first two above are straight from the K10D with the 70-150 as close as possible.. f5.6.. These next ones are crops for fun :)
  27. another crop for fun..
  28. and here's one last one straight from the camera..
  29. the big one of the last one - that's really all..
  30. I like "croppy", nice colour and detail and looks a bit like a Moon shot.
  31. I have the Vivitar 70-150 f3.8 Close Focusing (serial 22802881) which I purchased new around 1978-1980 in a Konica/AR mount. I also have a Vivitar 2x "matched multiplier" specifically for this lens with the Konica mount. Used it with Konica TC, T4, and FS/1 bodies. These Vivitar lenses are adaptable to a variety of vintage SLRs with various "T" adapters.

    I assume yours is roughly the same vintage.

    I always liked the pictures I took with this lens. Hardly ever used the multiplier. The loss of speed from the multiplier was just not tolerable for sports shooting. I ended up buying a 4.5 300mm Sigma for longer range shots.
  32. I recently bought this lens and would like to use it, I am fairly new to photography and was wondering if 35mm black and white film would work well for this? also, which ISO should I be using for this lens and which ISO should I use for a macro lens?

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