Vivitar 600mm f/8 Series 1 lens cap

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  1. I have a Vivitar 600mm f/8 catadioptric lens and am in need of the 106mm front lens cap. The original disintegrated. They seem to be very difficult to find. Any idea where I can get one?
  2. That's going to be a tough one. As an alternative, you might be able to get someone at a leather craft shop to make one using a draw string closure. I haven't seen anything larger than a 105mm.
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    Look in your grocery store - many products have press on plastic lids. Measure and look around - you may even find some product you can use.
  4. Currently on Ebay what appears to be a neoprene cover is going for about $6 usd. It appears to be a "sock" which has elastic panels enabling the unit to expand. Search on "106mm lens cap".
    You might also consider the neoprene lens bags with a draw string closure. Aloha, Bill
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    OP/TECH USA makes neoprene "Hood Hats" a bit like what Bill is describing, meant for slipping over hoods when kept on the lens . I have several in different sizes, though not sure how large they go. They can be combined with their "Lens Sleeve" to form a two-piece lens pouch.

    LensCoat also sells a similar product called a "Hoodie."
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  6. In this case, I have the Vivitar Solid 600mm f/8 and have been unable to find lens cap that works.

    I nearly got banned from the grocery store trying to find a cap that would slip on like the "I can't believe it's butter" lid fits on the Reflex-Nikkor 500m :(

    The hair-net type of soft cover would work to keep the dust out.
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  7. It's not that difficult to fabricate a lenscap out of thick cardboard.
    1. Cut a circle of card marked out directly from the lens.
    2. Cut a strip of card about 1/2" wide that goes around the circumference of the lens.
    3. Stick the strip of card around the circle of card with tape, glue or both.
    4. Line the cap with velvet fabric to make a friction fit on the lens.
    5. - Optional - Tidy up the outside appearance by covering with sticky-back plastic or electrician's tape

    The above job can be given to any half-competent 6 to 10 year old. They'll love doing it!
  8. Unfortunately, I am not a half-competent youngin.:rolleyes:

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