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  1. Will a Vivitar 285 Flash work on an M10? Can it fry the M10 circuitry?
  2. I don't know what the M10 flash sync circuits are rated at, but here is a source of trigger voltages for vintage flash units:

    Photo Strobe Trigger Voltages

    From what I see, I would definitely test the unit as described above, and/or use a safe sync type device. Then again, maybe buy a modern flash unit since I would guess that any damage to your M10 will cost a small fortune to fix.
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  3. Thanks for the warning.... I'll stick to a safe option.
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    You could easily test the trigger voltage with an inexpensive multimeter. I have a similar vintage flash, the model 2800 which I've measured at 153 v trigger voltage. It worked fine on all my film cameras and my Nikon DSLR. I've also tried it on my Olympus m4/3 without issues, even though the specs suggest a lower voltage max. So check your camera manual for acceptable voltage as well as measuring the flash voltage. You might be surprised.
  5. Some time ago I mailed the Leica company about these issues and got following reply concerning M8 and subsequent models.

    " In general, we do not recommend the use of old flash units on modern digital cameras.

    For safety's sake, assume that voltages above 24 volts pose a risk - it may be sufficient to turn on the flash unit pushed onto the hot shoe to damage parts of the electronics.

    In ISO standard , which defines the characteristics of the standard hot shoe, the ignition voltage is specified at a maximum of 24 volts, and voltages within this range would have to be handled by standards-compliant cameras. However, the actual exposure limits of the cameras are quite different.

    I can therefore unfortunately no recommendation for the use of older flash units."
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    The original 285 had a fairly high sync voltage; the later 285 HV is much lower and I have used them on many DSLRs without incident.

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