VIVITAR 283 with NiCads and Alkaline Pack

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by pensacolaphoto, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I have recently purchased a Vivitar 283 flash with Alkaline
    batteries insert. The instructions state that a separate NiCad
    insert must be used with NiCad batteries. Today I used (by mistake)
    the Alkaline baterries insert with NiCads, and the flash worked
    fine. What is the problem caused when such an error is being
    committed? Have I hurt the flash? Will exposures be off?
  2. I believe what the instructions are referring to is the rather expensive NiCad battery pack that Vivitar wants to sell you, so the they can be rich and you can be poor.

    Other brands of NiCad and NiMH AA batteries work fine in the same holder as the alkaline batteries. It will not damage your flash and it will not effect exposure. The only problem is that you will keep more of your money and Vivitar doesn't like that. :~)
  3. Hi Jim,
    Glad to find out that I did not damage the flash. I am surprised that Vivitar would do such a trick to make people buy their NiCad adapter.
  4. Don't know the flash. maybe Vivitars adapter uses a additional cell to make it load faster. Probable if it uses 6 cells. Low power can't harm, don't worry.
    Manufacturers NiCad-packs have the advantage of 150% good connections of the cells, a huge problem with some battery holders.
  5. The Vivitar battery pack only takes four AA size batteries. I will soon get my film back and then I can tell whether the rechargeable batteries worked well or not. The manual for the 283 flash did not explain why a different battery should be used.
  6. The 4 AA insert holds 4-1.5 batteries which equal 6.0Vdc. The Vivitar NiCAD pack may hold 5-1.2Vdc bateries which equal 6.0Vdc. I use 4 NiMH rechargables in my Sunpak 383(283 clone) all the time but it doesn't have a battery pack, you just insert the 4 batteries into a cavity in the flash housing.
  7. the vivitar pack just uses four standard Nicad batteries. I have one I threw away after the batteries went dead. It has no advantages and is more expensive'
  8. Hello,
    I am missing the battery pack and am trying to find one used. Can the Vivitar Flash 283 be used without the battery pack, by installing the batteries loose in the battery compartment? What is the battery order (position) when inserting?
  9. I think you need a battery insert to use any batteries with the flash.

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