Vivitar 2800 on a Nikon D200?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jess_haydahl, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. I currently own a Nikon D200 and I got an old Vivitar Auto Thyristor 2800 from
    a freind. Before I use it i know I need to check the voltage rates. I dont
    want to fry my camera, but I cant seem to find the exact specks on it. And im
    not sure what the D200 can take. Does anyone know?

  2. I wouldn't have a clue about the voltage rate but maybe these people do. I used them before and their support was pretty good.....
  4. "And I'm not sure what the D200 can take."
    +250 Volts DC. It's unlikely the Vivitar 2800 will exceed that, but the only way to be absolutely sure is to measure the voltage across the ground and sync contacts of a fully charged 2800 with a voltmeter.
  5. As usual Nikon advice is incomplete and leaves room for interpretation. The best advice quoted here is: "contact a Nikon-authorized service representative", or what Michael says measure it yourself. But measure not only the voltage level but perhaps more importantly measure the DC voltage polarity of your flash produced voltage.

    From the quoted Nikon manual one could possibly derive that "any negative voltage" could blow D200 camera circuitry ?, and perhaps it does not have to be higher than 250 ?

    When measuring, pay attention to polarity, since some digital Volt/Amp/Ohm meters automatically may switch polarity of the signal applied to make correct measurement, but the "+" or "-" should be visible associated with the measured value at the central pin of the sync cable or hot shoe. Using a very old needle type meter instead of digital would not try to fool you...
  6. I have used Vivitar 283's on my two D-70's. No problem. I've even used the D-70's with my Speedotron brownline studio lights also no problem.
    BTW -- just got a nikon SB400 speedlight -- the little bitty one. LOVE IT. GREAT results with a lumiquest mini-soft box
  7. I too have a Viv 283 but it measures 355 volts consistently. I wouldn't put that on an old 35. More modern flashes can be had for very little money. Use the old ones for off camera triggered with a slave, they work fine in that mode. I also use a Speedotron 2400 but trigger that with a wireless remote triggering at 6 volts.

    I would not trust the readings from any other source but what the actual readings were from that flash.

    The question comes to mind. Would you put a $10.00 saddle on a $10,000.00 horse?


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