Vivitar 17-28mm f/4-4.5 - any good?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by bob_hayden, Sep 29, 1998.

  1. I'm interested in expanding my capabilities for my Canon AE-1 Program and am looking at a very wide zoom.


    Any suggestions/advice on what to look for and price ranges? I see Vivitar has the above 17-28. Any words on the quality of this lens? Seems it can be picked up for $150 or so.


    Bob H
  2. I've seen the Vivitar 17-28mm wide angle zoom. But I believe the correct zoom range is 18-28mm. Anyway it's really a dark image when you look the viewfinder. I believe it's a F4.0 ~ F4.5 Max aperature.
    A better lens would be the Vivitar Series 1, 19-35mm, F3.5 ~ F4.0
    This lens only cost $10.00 more. It's a newer design, comes in Canon
    FD mount and Canon EOS AF mount. There is less metal and more plastic on the lens, but it still has Vivitars 5 yr warranty. I have the 19-35mm zoom and the color contrast is so high. Distrortion is good to acceptable considering the price and zoom range.


  3. No one beats Vivitar for the money - NO ONE! But as the old saying
    goes, you get what you pay for. I have the 17-28 Vivitar Zoom lens...
    I have mixed feelings about this lens...Good contrast, yes, but still
    a piece of smelly caca in many respects... Vivitar has an affordable
    19mm fd lens, not a zoom - but a good piece of glass. This lens beats
    the pants off the zoom! Why do ya need such a limited zoom anyway?
    Just move back and forth - you have legs don't 'cha?
    Browse e-bay like a shark, you'll find a sea of aftermarket lenses &
    zooms at great prices!
  4. I'm considering this lens in Olympus OM mount, because the Olympus light meter can't be beat for low-light night photography, and AFAIK there is no other ultra-wide angle lens available for the OM system (zoom or prime), or at least none that's semi-affordable. Just ... how bad was it?
  5. This is true of the Ponder & Best Vivitar of long ago. Many FD-mount lenses fall into this class.

    It does NOT apply to recent, mostly Korean-made lenses that are cheap. The present company bought the name, but none of the intellectual property.

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