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  1. just picked up a vivitar 135mm f2.8 manual focus for 20$. any one
    ever used this lens before? any insite would be helpful. thanks.
  2. My 135mm F2.8 Vivitar in T4 Autodiaphrame mount was about 50 dollars; when gasoline was 25 to 28 cents per gallon; in the 1960's. It is the lens to the left of the Exakta. It is greatt at F5.6 and stopped down more; and good at F4; and ok at F2.8. I still have the lens; it was mailordered from Cambridge Camera; and has been on Exaktas; Nikons; Nikkormats. The T4 system adapters allow for usages on different cameras. <IMG SRC=>
  3. The preset 135mm F2.8 lenses in the 1960's were made by Soligor; Cambron; Vivitar; in independent lens makers. They were 20 bucks without the T adapter; which was about 3 dollars then.
  4. mine looks a little different from that one. its for pentax k mounts.
  5. I still have my Vivitar 135/f2.8 bought around 1969, preset and with the T-mount. I've always prized this lens as being one of the sharpest I own. It's comparable to a vintage Rokkor that I have from the same period. It will perform well.
  6. But rereading the thread, yours must be from later if it has the K mount. Vivitar over the years has marketed some lenses of their own design (eg early Series 1 lenses) and at other times has branded leses made by other manufacturers. Basic lens designs like the 135/f2.8 often don't change much over the years, so I still would expect your lens would be a good performer.
  7. I have a Soligor 300mm f/5.5 in a T4 mount that I used on a Spotmatic. Looked for K-mount T4 for years, but only found a TX adapter that is close but not quite full function. Can only open up to f/8.0. Anyone have experience with T4 and K-mount?
  8. Is a very good lens.
    Vivitar had excellent mid-teles and later excellent zooms.
    I tried one of those for my Spotmatic at the local used-store and liked it. When I came back to get it it was go-go-gone.
  9. The bump on the side of the lens; near the bottom is the Exakta Auto diaphrame gizmo; on the Exakta T4 Vivitar adapter. The K mount came out in the 1970's; the T4 series morphed into a different series; with adapters; that could be used on these newer camera lens lines; with more auto features.
  10. My first outfit was a Spotmatic with a preset Lentar 300, auto Soligor 135, and auto Takumar 50 lenses (the Takumar was outstanding). It was stolen in 1970.

    Then I bought a Nikkormat FTN, and a Vivitar 135 2.8 lens (for $59) that was smaller than the Soligor. The aperture blades broke several years later.

    "Brandon's Dad"
  11. Here's my 135 story: I bought a 135f2.8 auto Soligor in 1971 with the "Focal" logo at K-Mart for $10 or $12. Turned out to be one of the sharpest(center & edge wide open) 3rd party, non macro lenses I ever owned....Jim
  12. There never was any such thing as a Pentax K T4 mount, you must be thinking of the TX mount. The Vivitar and Soligor T4 lenses are identical and made by the same company. Some of them are excellent. I like the 21F3.8, 24F2.8 and 35F2.8 lenses.
  13. i just came into posession of the same lens, how can i tell what mount i have and what camera i can use it on?
  14. Hi Dan,
    This Wiki page will help:
    I've had a Minolta MD copy of this lens (with a 28xxxxxx ser # which makes it a Komine product) for about a year which I picked up on the Bay for under $20.00. When I bought it I knew nothing
    about the Vivitar numbering system (see below) and thought I would be getting a "beater" for playing with telephoto work.
    VERY sharp, nice contrast. Makes a nice portrait lens at f/2.8-4 especially for subjects who are most comfortable with a little "distance". In hindsight I would have been pleased with it at several times the price.
    ** Vivitar numbering scheme for "top three" makers of this lens in order of quality:
    22...... Kiron
  15. Sorry for double post!

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