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  1. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

  2. Oldie but goodie from 2004 on Velvia 50. "Eye Candy" is the title. Vivid_Eye_Candy_PN.jpg
  3. 0081a Colorido Musulmanas Túnicas Colores-NoktonSC40.jpg Voigtländer Nokton SC 40 on Fuji X-P1
  4. CA-SF-China-Town(Fairmont-H-poster.jpg
    Chinatown, San Francisco, from the Fairmont Hotel
  5. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    My old school bus - it followed me all the way to Norfolk.

    TONY0026 - Red 001.jpg

    Apparently, I owed 3d on a fare from 1966.
  6. swallowtail butterfly.jpg
    Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

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