Vitoflex Medium Format ?

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  1. Hello i am new here and i have a question cause i cant find anything about this Camera.
    It's a Vitoflex Medium Format with a 80mm 2,8 Lens.
    If someone can help me with that would really appreciate it.
  2. Here you are:

    Soviet and Russian Cameras - Salyut, Zenith-80

    I have also found reference to indicate that "Vitoflex" was the name used by the large retailer company responsible for selling the camera on the French and Dutch market. By the same token, Revue sold the camera in Germany marked "Revue 66". This seems very odd, though, because Vitoflex was also the name of a contemporary Voigtländer 35mm SLR and they most certainly had a valid European trademark on it.
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  3. I thin ezio has it,

    At least, my Google™ came to this, which isn't too similar
    VITOFLEX 300-RF :)

  4. Ezio i found this article too but i cant find this camera as Vitoflex... and i dont know why ahahha
    Do you think this camera has good value ? and thanks offcourse for your time and answer :)
  5. Salyuts/Zenith 80s normally sell in the $200-300 range. The Vitoflex label may be appealing to some collectors, but this is difficult to quantify. Anyway in the big online auction site there currently is someone out of Ukraine who is offering the lens alone at $899. I suspect he is not completely OK above his eyebrows, but you might wish to follow his auction and see what happens.

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