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  1. Here is a link to a web site announcement issued jointly by Visual Group China with and about their purchase of Corbis and the use of Getty images to take over sales/licensing of Corbis Images outside of China as well as handling the intricacies of who will represent whom, where and at what terms during the transition. It is MUST reading for any pro or stock contributor; the sale was long rumored for Corbis, but I am not so sure about the transfer of sales duties geographically in much of the world to Getty. Interesting reading and begs many questions, part of which might be whether contract terms are now negotiable if you're with Getty and/or Corbis?
    They attempt to explain the issue raised above in the text of the news release, but it may not be the complete or proper answer.
    Here is a quote from the e-mail release:
    In connection with this transaction, VCG is excited to announce the expansion of its longstanding partnership with Getty Images, and, following a transition period (which we’ll explain in more detail), Getty Images will become the exclusive distributor of Corbis content outside China.


    John (Crosley)
    (I was restricted from posting this as 'news' as that's open only to certain members.)
  2. It doesn't belong in Site Help either. I've moving it to Casual Conversations.
  3. thanks Bob, I rarely contribute to these fora and had difficulty determining which one. Thanks again. john
  4. It's an interesting story, but nowhere as interesting as the ocean of rumors surging across the internet today.
  5. Well, Brian, this is fact - based as it comes from the companies in a press release, and I'm at a loss to understand what the rumors are as I infrequently visit fumor mills. I have a personal interest, and my e-mail is under my biography, I'd be happy to get an e-mail outlining 'unsubstantiated but attributed' rumors which you cannot publish here.
    john (Crosley)
  6. Well, it's news to me. I'm not sure what the implications might be for the average stock photographer. I presume that it is authentic, but how does one know for sure?
  7. Lannie, it was sent from them to me in an e-mail. It's authentic. And it's in the news too. No doubt. Details however are gonna be interesting, I'm sure, and some will get kicked; others (lucky ones who have no skin in the game but have bad contracts like me but nothing contributed) may have a chance to renegotiate . . . . or go the high way. Either way is OK with me, as they wanted revolution news and war news photos from me, and that's a strength but I do far more. ;~)))) as you well know. j (Crosley)
  8. What happens to the trove of Tiananmen photos, not least "Tank Man?"
  9. david_henderson


    No point speculating whether its true or not. I've had it too and have discussed it with my editor at Corbis' London office, where the staff have had the same information btw though arguably they have more to lose than the average contributor- the track for the staff of stock agencies whose business has in essence transferred to Getty isn't terribly optimistic, and I've been involved in a few of these shifts now. In my experience also the sales and revenue from images/collections transferring to Getty is more likely to reduce than to increase.

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