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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by serge c, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. I don't seem to be able to make any calibration packages' LUT loaders to work
    on startup in Vista. They just do nothing whatsoever. They do nothing even if
    I run them after the startup, even as Administrator. I tried EyeOne Match3,
    Spyder2 Pro, Basiccolor trial. Nothing works.

    All packages go through calibration routines, adjust the LUTs, you know the
    drill... But After I restart the computer they have no effect whatsoever. And
    there's no built-in Vista LUT loader I know of... I think they used to work in

    Does anybody know what the problem might be?
  2. I think in Vista RC1 I had to manually create new startup shortcuts to the loaders because the install utility didn't get through the security to make them correctly. Don't know if that helps you.
  3. If you've the option, it's probably easier to go back to XP for 6 month or a year. Give the equipment vendors time to upgrade their software. Pretty typical first adopter type issues, I'm afraid. I'll wager this won't be the last problem of this kind you run into.

    You might also give VMware a try. Install a virtual machine for running XP or 2000. There's a chance that the VM can set up the LUT.
  4. Sad, but true: those who (for whatever reason) decide to be among the first to use a major new release of a major software package or operating system tend to be among the first to find bugs and compatibility problems. Sometimes it's difficult to avoid something like this - for instance, now that Vista has been released, there may be some nice new PCs whose vendors will not sell them with XP - but if you have the option of avoiding Vista for a while, you should do so. Let other people get bitten by the bugs, and let the software vendors release whatever updates are required to get their software to work properly with it.
  5. I've got it working on the Vista RC1 system right next to me so I assume it must be possible somehow.
  6. I run Vista on the secondary harddrive mostly to learn how it works. There were high expectations for it's color management, you know.

    It's just the LUT loader shortcuts in the Startup folder don't seem to do anything. It could be the dual monitor setup, or something. Even after startup if I run the loaders they work unreliably. (I try them one at a time, of course).

    Profiles get assigned correctly to both monitors, and when the loaders do function they load them just fine.

    Now, if it works for you - when do you notice the color change? After you get to the desktop?
  7. When it works the color change will occur right after the desktop loads.
  8. Thanks, Gene. That means it doesn't even try to work on my computer.
  9. Ah, turns out they get blocked by Windows Defender... It blocks Adobe Updater, too, which is a good thing.

    I can't figure out how to permanently unbluck it though, short of disabling the Defender.
  10. I have used 'Eye-One Match 3' to successfully make monitor colour profiles in Vista. When installing Eye-One Match 3 on my system It places a profile loader in the startup menu by default ('Logo Calibration Loader'). This will at startup load the profile that Eye-One made during calibration or any profile that you associate with your monitor through vistas' color management settings. You must check 'use my settings for this device'.

    Only problem is that at startup this profile is visibly loaded, only to be removed at the last stage of startup. Clicking on 'calibration loader' in the startup folder in start menu will load the associated profile and it should stay loaded till shut down.

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