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  1. Question for all you Visoflex experts out there: I want to connect a Visoflex II to a screw mount body. I see that the Visoflex II comes in two versions, M mount and SM. But as far as I can tell, the SM version still has an M mount front bayonet requires an SM adapter. Is that correct? Are there any Visoflex II bodies that take an SM lens directly?
  2. Look here - about half-way down the page.
  3. Bill thanks for that link. But I don't see an answer to my question. I want a Visoflex !! that mounts to a SM camera and takes a SM lens directly at the front without an adapter. At the moment I have a Viso II with bayonet mount to my M6 but my SM 280mm lens must use an adapter (16466M / OUBIO?) to attach to the front bayonet. Is there an SM version that uses the SM front and back, without an adapter?
  4. I may be mistaken. isn't the visoflex and m mount bayonet the same? Can you put a bayonet to ltm adapter in the front of the viso 2 and mount your ltm lenses directly to the adapter. Good luck.

  5. Well, My M mount Visoflex II uses an adapter for my SM lens. But now that I want a Viso for my (new) IIIF I was hoping for a SM Viso that took SM lenses directly. After more research, I think I've discovered that all SM Visos take a bayonet at the front and require an adapter for SM lenses, just like th M version. At the same time, apparently, M mount lenses will fit directly to the SM Visoflex.
  6. Arthur: you will still need the OUBIO adapter as the sm 280 is designed for the Visoflex which is longer (deeper) than the Viso 2 and Viso 3. I have the 280 f:4.8 and use it on the Viso 3. I use the OUBIO due to difference in length of the Viso 1 and the later ones.
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    the mount to film plane distance will be so long as to only allow for macrophotos. The M-mount was intended for using the 65mm or the lensheads of the 90 and 135s with the appropriate focussing adapter in order to focus to infinity. Also you will find that the shutter and mirror release is designed to fit different positions of th e release buttons as well as the prism sitting higher to accomodate the M bodys increased height.

    Otherwise ,the viewfinder is commendably bright and far better than most SLRs.

  8. I'm confused. Why a Visoflex II model specifically?

    Long before the M-mount was even a glint in the eye of anyone at Leitz, there was Visoflex I in the 39mm mount (known as PROON !! ??). why not buy one of those?

    Probably I've missed something, but I'm too ignorant and apathetic on this subject to spend a lot of time on it.o_O
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  9. I think you are referring to the PLOOT. (Viso I). The II is an upgraded design that's easier to use.
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    Hi Arthur - great last name...we have several Gottschalk ancestors 5 generations back...all from the Chicago area. Now to the Visoflex issue: The Visoflex II for screw mount bodies had a front which only accepted M mount accessories. In order to use it with screw mount lenses, you need to insert an OUBIO, which mounts between the Visoflex and lenses. I've been using one on my IIf for about 5 years very satisfactorily with a 200mm Telyt. oubio.JPG
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  11. Yes, my father was from Chicago. Interesting.

    I have an M-mount Viso II with a screw-mount 280mm Telyt, using the OUBIO. I was wondering if there is a Viso II M-mount that could directly take a screw-mount lens without the adapter, but apparently there isn't. Now that I'm getting into screw-mount cameras I'm wondering what works with them. Very complicated stuff!
  12. Ah Ha! I just discovered the answer to one of my questions: The Viso II that has SM front and rear is the OTYDO, said to be very rare. I want one.
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    Arthur - Let me clarify in light of your most recent post. The OTDYO Visoflex II body has a REAR screw mount thread which attaches directly to your screw mount camera body, but has an M mount on the front, which the lens attaches to. In your case you can directly mount your 280 Telyt, which is an M mount lens, onto an OTDYO, (which isn't rare at all -there's at least one for sale right now on Ebay from Roberts Camera), and then directly mount the Viso onto your screw mount camera body. However, if you want to use screw mount lenses on the OTDYO, you need to have an OUBIO adapter which incorporates a screw mount to M mount and extends the lens so that one can focus it properly. Your OTDYO can also easily be used on Leica M mount bodies with a cheap (under $5) Chinese screw mount to M adapter.
  14. OK, so what is the designation of the Viso II with screw mount front and back?
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    There is no Viso II which has screw mounts on both ends, at least not made by Leitz. The Ploot however does. It had a number of variations over the years and is widely available on EBay.
  16. OK, PLOOT it is! Thanks.
  17. To use a PLOOT will require a twin cable release. These also came in a variety of configurations. Leitz didn’t invent a camera system, but rather a plumbing system.
  18. visofl01.jpg

    I probably paid too much for this macro set-up in a carry case a few years back (without the camera)
    I was able to piece together a seperate set with the PLOOT, chimney-viewfinder and universal bellows for under $50 in the following years.
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  19. I still have the same set up with the dual release cables. My Dad put it together back in the '60s and I still have his rose Kodachrome slides. It'll be coming out again later this spring. It's a bit fussy to use as you have to take into account the bellows draw, but it does work.

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