Visoflex I for Leica M

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  1. Anyone using this ...... thing?
    This is the cheapest way to get into macro with Leica M.
    My intention is to get Visoflex I for M, 16464 adapter, bellows, and hektor f4.5 135mm.
    Anybody knows if the 135mm Elmar Wetzlar f4.0 can be used with the 16464 adapter?
    Thanks for the help.
  2. I have a Visoflex I as a "curiosity".
    Note that the screwmount Visoflexes can't use the rather desirable 65mm Elmar macro lens. That requires the much thinner M-mount Visoflex.
    On the other hand, a 135mm lens as a macro gives you far more working distance than a 65mm lens, so lighting is less challenging, But depth of field is more challenging due to the longer focal length.
    Identifying and sourcing all the correct adapters for the Visoflex is a major PITA.
    A different approach (if you have a collapsible Summicron) is the SOOKY-M. Easy to use, at least. It's the last M-mount version of what started as the NOOKY on screwmount cameras.
  3. Brandan, the Visoflex I was designed for the screw mount leicas. If you want to go with a Visoflex for the M cameras ( as I did 35 years ago ) get a Visoflex III. The 16464 focusing ring has an M mount and will not work with the Visoflex I.
    Before you buy anything I would suggest that you find a book on the Leica system, or spend some time on the internet, and get familiar with what accessories are made for the older screw mount cameras and what were meant for the M cameras. As mentioned by others in your previous post, the Visoflex system is not the easiest way to get into macro photography. Take a step back, determine just what type of photos you want to take, then look at the alternatives available to achieve your objective. Don't rush. The equipment that is available today will still be there tomorrow, or next month.
    An alternative would be to find a Leicaflex SL then look for the 60mm Elmarit R or an M to R adapter, 16464 focusing ring and a 65mm Elmar lens. A more flexible system is a Bellows R with a 100mm Elmar Bellows R lens.
    The SOOKY-M that John mentioned also works with the 50mm Elmar M ( I have one of those too ). However, it's not as versatile as a macro lens nor will it focus as close. Good luck with whatever you decide, but first do your homework!
  4. Thaks for your help.
  5. They work, but they're clunky and heavy and they turn a compact, elegant camera into a awkward, slow reflex camera. Might be fun for an experiment but I doubt you'll want to use it on a regular basis -- at least not if you have other alternatives.

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