Viso II and Hektor 135 on IIIf rd st

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  1. Hi, guys!
    Just received Viso II (screw) + Hektor 135 + OUBIO adapter from keh. Of course, have several questions:
    1. I can't really figure out how to unscrew the Hektor's head. It is easy operation with my black uncoated Elmar 4/90, but not with this Hektor. The lens has number 1440240, aluminium body, coated glass, takes 36 clamp-on filters. I do not want to apply force... Maybe there is a secret I'm not aware of.
    2. Seems to that Viso came with a arm for M cameras... This fact was not reflected on keh site, so it was a suprise for me. Is it really possible to find n arm for screw-mount Leica for that Viso? Or it's easier to sell the device?
    3. I thought OUBIO adapter would be enough to connect Hektor to the Viso (for normal, not macro shooting). Now I have doubts... Could anybody clarify it?
    Thank to all who will reply in advance! Seems to that getting into Viso is a road full of surprises.
  2. You need the short focus mount called SOOAN or something close. OUBIO+ SOOAN +135 head. That is IF the OUBIO will mount to the front of viso 11 screw. It may not as it OUBIO is bayonet on the back, female thread on the front. I don`t have a viso II screw.
    You can substitute a universal focus mount + 16472 adapter for the SOOAN. They are functionally the same .
    The short focus mount for 135 is pictured above attached to viso I which is screw mt both ends so you can see what it looks like.
    If you can`t get this answered, contact Jim Lager at jlager at He is the world renound expert who has written the Leica reference books. Do not bother him unless you have resolved all other issues .
    Jim can also give you the correct letters for short focus mount also.
    My experience the lens heads are hard to remove the first time. Apply force. My 50 2.0 from 1969 was frozen but now it is fine. It took all my strength to break it free. Yours is way older. Just do not apply force to the diaphragm ring.
  3. You can substitute a universal focus mount + 16472 adapter for the SOOAN. They are functionally the same .
    Clarify that , length wise the same, 16464 is bayonet on the back, SOOAN or maybe ZOOAN is screw on the back.
    Definately ZOOAN. Hard to remember this stuff. There is one on EBay but I can not link to it- P net rules. Put ZOOAN in google and it on the first page.
    If the OUBIO will go on to the viso, then ZOOAN is all else you need after you break the hens head off.
  4. You should be able to hold onto the ring behind the aperture ring to unscrew the lens head. There's no set screw. Maybe someone got tired of it accidentally coming off and glued it in place. You should be able to see the threads looking in the rear of the focusing barrel.
    Visoflex accessories are total chaos.
  5. Thank you guys!
    Now it's more or less clear with adapters. Also I successfully unscrewed the Hekor's head.
    BUT, what about the arm, which releases the mirror on a viso and with a small delay triggers the camera's shutter. Is it really possible to find a substitution from M-type to Screw-Mount type?
  6. I wonder if you might be happier with a Visoflex I and double cable release? I used this combo for many years with my IIIa and IIIf and various accessories like the bellows and rack & pinion. It just seemed more compatable than the Viso II.

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