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  1. Visited the Chola Monument of Rajendra I near Tanjavur. He had built a new city spanning upwards of 5 kms from the River Kollidam [Colleroon]. HisEmpire spanned from the Maldives in the Arabian Sea to Angkor Vat in the East, and from Ceylon to the Himalayas in the North. The Chola [pronounced Chozha] Empire known for its democratic evolution of local government and religious tolerance lasted about 400 years plus. Please check link[] for some details, if interested.

    I used my Exakta VX refurbished at home with a Meyer lydith 30mm and an Eyemik 135mm lens. I used Kodak Color plus 200 film. The film's color range does not match my old HP scanner, nor the Picasa software. So i had to de-saturate most of the pictures.
    The Eyemik lens is made for Topcon Super D with automatic levers for the aperture. I don't know the manufacturer. The seller sold it for a throw away price as the springs had lost their elasticity. I could make it work stop down, though. So it suited my Exakta. So here are some samples with both Meyer Lydith and Eyemik lenses.
  2. The Lydith's price has been increasing in recent times. I recal buying a couple of them for less than BP 3.00, only a few years ago.
  3. In the bright Sun as you stop down the Lydith the old WL finder becomes too dark in the midst of the glare. The Penta Prism is a great help.
  4. The Topcon mount fits the Exakta well. The levers are a dead load.
  5. The front of the lens. The lens is well finished and the focusing is quite smooth.
  6. The main gate structure has been vandalized over time. The top arch way or crown is missing. Of the whole city that was built only this temple remains.
  7. It has been declared a National and World Heritage site. The Archeological Survey of India is maintaining the monument, now. They have grown grass all over to walk barefoot, safely. The paved entry is carpeted to protect the feet from the heated stone.
  8. The Bull is Siva's Mascot in the Southern tradition.
  9. The Temple is built on a podium of about 25 feet high. There may be chambers inside the podium with old time paintings etc. To be discovered yet.
  10. This is about the best colour I could get out of this film. The film is made in UK by a small company that was bought by Kodak.
  11. You climb up the steps to get to the main concourse.
  12. The master builders seemed to have a sense of perspective in most of these temples.
  13. Each panel seems different on a closer look. The coordination must have been mind-boggling.
  14. The Eyemik lens seems good. I need to test it more on different modes.
  15. Thanks for viewing and your comments. I hope you will enjoy the views and the ancient art forms. sp.
  16. Sp--wonderful tour! Thank you! You certainly get the "most" from those vintage cameras and lens. The colors are excellent, as the muted tones match the mood of the temple.
    Thanks again for posting...
  17. An enjoyable tour of a heritage sight with the Exakta VX, I'm sure. The prominence of the bull to the central complex is pure India.
    May it last another millennium.
  18. My.
    I love your walks about town, but for an archaeologist, this is a special treat. And with an Exakta too!
    When I started collecting old DDR cameras, I was more into the KW thread, and picked up Exaktas almost as an afterthought. Like German Expressionist painting, you have to learn Exaktas to love them.
    Well done, bravo, and all like that.
  19. SP, thanks to you and the Exakta for a wonderful visual and learning experience.
  20. SP, thanks for the wonderful article. I've recently been reading the work of Graham Hancock and he puts forth the idea that ancient Indian civilization (Indus Valley) is not only much older than what it's been given credit for, but more advanced than what we call modern. Great photographs.
  21. Wonderful, SP; what could be better than an Exacta, a Lydith and a series of spectacular monumental structures? I can't recall having seen photographs of the Chola complex before, so your images were an eye-opener. Nice soft colour and tones; incidentally, the Lydith performs exceptionally well on the DSLR's, which probably explains it's spectacular rise in price. Thanks for another great walkabout.
  22. Wow, thanks for that walkaround SP, that looks to be a fascinating place....lucky you!
    I too love the Exactas, not so much for the ergonomics, but because they just look so special...really classic.
    You have obviously conquered it as the shots look great, and both the lenses perform really well. I have a Lydith as well, but have yet to try it have piqued my interest!
  23. Today I learned something. Thank you.
  24. Thank you for a wonderful tour. The detail in the architecture is amazing. It is nice to see other parts of the world and learn something of their history.
  25. Enjoyable and informative tour, SP. Thanks for sharing with us. Stay well.
  26. Thanks Paul, Andrew, Tony and Donald; it was an awesome experience that people could have hand crafted a whole city in this manner some thousand years ago. JDM, I expected that you might enjoy this, the subject being right up your alley. What I like about the Exaktas is that they don't let you down. I have not lost even one frame till now using the VX series. I am not surprised that they were the top professional choice before the advent of Nikon F. Miles Upton says that if you do a good CLA job on the Exakta it will last another 50 years!
  27. Thanks Rob, they are discovering new things about the past each year! Rick, Tony, I think the Lydith is a good performer. I need to use it more. Thanks Bill, Mark, Mike; i am glad you enjoyed the viewing. Regards, SP.
  28. Great Exposé . I too have never seen this site. Great way to show us using the Lydith with the Exakta. I
    thought your first "color" image was excellent. I loved the contrast you got withe B&W
  29. Thanks for the wonderful tour, SP. Those lenses still perform.

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