Visioneer 9420 - any good?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by terence_spross|1, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. The specs say 4800x9600 optical - 4800bit color / 16 bit greyscale

    This is in my price range - drum scanners are too high.

    Anybody have any positive or negative experiences with these - before I buy one?
  2. I have a Visioneer that I use to scan prints all the time, and can't say enough about how well it's worked over MANY years. Doesn't have film capability though. On advice in these forums, I bought an Epson 4490 and am very happy with it for 35mm through 4x5.
  3. I was kind of hoping someone with this model had something to say about it. My last Visioneer worked well for a lot of ordinary use and it came with slide and negative scanning and had, I think, 2400 bit res.
    Unfortuneatly, it was dropped and went out of alignment before I ever did any serious photo work with it. Now I need to scan many photos with good quality.

    These visioneers have high optical resolution so I expect difficulty with Newtons rings. Any comments?

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