Visible lines in prints made on Epson printer

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by leon, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. All, I printed image taken with Canon A60 at maximum resolution and lowest compression. I printed it on Epson Photo 780 using Premium Glossy Photo paper. On the print I see horizontal lines - why? Is it expected? (I changed the ink - same result). I attach a scan made at 300 dpi on Epson Perfection 1640. The lines are clearly visible on the scan/print, but not on the original image from the camera. Leon
  2. Your printer setup was ??
  3. Printer setting.
    There's not much to set:
    select proper paper type - sets it to 720 dpi
    set to color and automatic, select 'Epson natural Color'

    Bear with me I am new to printing ;-)
  4. Have you done a Nozzle Check? Or a Head Alignment Check? All covered in the manual but pretty self-explanatory in the Utlitiy tab of the print driver.
  5. Yes I've printed the nozzle check patterns - looks OK.
  6. and the Head Alignment check?
  7. That sure looks like a clogged nozzle or two to me.
  8. Have you tried it at 1440 print resolution (I assume it has it)?
  9. All,

    Thank you so much.
    I did try custom settings - 2880 dpi and the lines disappeared!

    Stupid default settings for the printer driver - I assumed that
    by selecting the paper I was selecting proper settings.

    Well, I learned something today.
    I am out of ink now - will buy some more and will continue my experiments.

    Thanks again.
  10. its also a good idea to run a print head cleaning job on the printer from time to time, as that can cause the exact same symptom
  11. Sorry to bump this thread. I'm suffering from exactly this issue with my Epson 9700. I'm seeing lines but there's still colour in the lines. Nozzle check is perfect no gaps. I did an automatic head alignment of all the options available in the menu. Still not an issue, By the way do you do this on plain paper or glossy paper?
    It just seems recently not sure what's happened. I think it started when I did a clean & head alignment. Now I've did a wiper clean and capping station clean. If I've got a perfect nozzle-check does that mean its something to do with the feed?

    Any help much appreciated.

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