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  1. I am new to studio photography, and I am interested in doing portrait
    photography using different types of backgrounds. I have been
    searching the web for background systems from companies like and other sites, but I also ran across a site that offers
    a Virtual background system by VB. I would be interested to learn
    from anyone who has had experience with such a system, and is it
    worth the investment? The company?s web site does not list the price
    of any of their systems. I do have a Nikon N90, Nikon Coolpix 995,
    and a Hasselblad 503 CW, I would also like to know if one system will
    be compatible with all three cameras.

    Thanking you in advance for your help.
  2. It looks like an overly expensive slide projector and screen. You can do that trick for less money. If you use a digital camera you can use a green or blue sheet as a backdrop and photoshop in whatever you want whenever you want.

    Also, I am guessing that system won't work with professional strobes, so you will be forced to use hot lights and long exposure times. A projector will have a hard time competing with a flash.
  3. <p>Stephen, I have no experience with that "virtual background" system but I had a quick
    look on their site and it appears the image is projected by some sort of flash unit and they
    claim it's compatible with strobes.
  4. the science is rock solid and yes it works w/strobe how it does like i said is science and if you ever watched MR wizzard when you were a kid you would know how it works too

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