Vintage WW2 Minox negatives

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  1. Hello, I uploaded some vintage WW2 minox negatives. They are both shot on VEF 10/10 film. If you are interested have a look at If you recognise anything (locations, buildings,etc email me please) l will upload the a second film soon :)
    • Picture 2 (of 44): Lunch break, munching on delicious sandwiches
    • Picture3: Officers watching
    • Picture 16: The ship voyage
    • Picture 21: Arrival in India/Pakistan? & Snack time :)
    • Picture 32: Relaxing in Grand suroundings
    • Picture 36: In the tent in army camp
    • Picture 41: Not Higgins ;-)
  2. I scanned these on my normal fladbed scanner 600dpi (Canon CanoScan 8800F) and then inverted the negative strip to positive. I do not have a proper film scanner. I can enlarge one or two pictures on the Minox Enlarger if it helps, and scan them back in. The Minox enlarger always produces much more detail than the scanner
  3. thank you Paul! for the suggestion, the Grand hotel looks very very similar to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai, India.
  4. I can't see any links to these picture.
  5. Thank you, apparently the shoulder badge has similarity to this one. London Divison Bow & Bells
  6. link is:
  7. Does anyone know this church/cathedral in the UK?
    • Picture 4: Unknown church
    • Picture 6: High ranking officer with assistant?
    • Picture 11: Leaving the Uk? Families in the background?
    • Picture 20: Smiling for the camera (on deck, ship voyage to india)
  8. I'm almost certain that image 4 is York Minster
  9. Yes, definitely. The photo was taken from Duncombe Place or High Petergate, looking northeast towards the Minster.
  10. I am thinking Canterbury Cathedral, Kent check this link
  11. Yes, I also had one or the other idea, but churches with twin towers so common. I Looked at York and Canterbury. I never thought of those. I really like Peters idea!
    I think the tall long structures/spikes? on each tower are an extremely close match to York Minster. And the third tower on the right hand side also correspond to the church. Hm... extremely interesting suggestion.
    P.s. An army friend told me that the 2nd Divison were transferred to India in May 1942. Their HQ was York. However their shoulder emblem was different. The London Divison Bow&Bells may or may not have been part of them. But maybe the pictures show several different officers which may not have belonged to the photographers unit. Very interesting. Yes, the 2nd divsion sailed from the west coast to India and not east coast such as Hull which is a stone throw away from York (for obvious u-boat reasons).
  12. No, it is quite definitely York - the single tower is completely different at Canterbury. The single tower on the right in the OP's picture is York Minster's 'Crossing Tower'

    This photo was taken from near the corner of Duncombe Place and St. Leonard's place in York, looking northeast to the Minster. You can almost duplicate the shot using Google Earth Steet View.

  13. Thank you for your posting,Minox London.I did enjoyed the site and its content!

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