Vintage Tripod Modification?

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  1. HI all: I'm brand new to and an amateur photographer.

    I have a "Hollywood Senior" tripod. It's sturdy and I quite like it, but I'm curious if I can replace the head that is on it. Finding out would involve disassembling it and I've run into a snag: there is a threaded collar that I can't budge, and I'm looking for anybody out there in the community that might have any input into what I can do to apply enough torque to loosen it without marring the aluminum (ie: hamfisting the thing into disfigured uselessness).

    I'm pointing to the collar in question in the 3rd pic.

    Any and all input would be hugely appreciated.



  2. Sandy Vongries

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    WD 40, Heat and cold - expand one part, shrink the other. Use modest force, A strap wrench might help without marring.
  3. Might there be locking screws below the collar that need loosening? Like Manfrotto tripods.
  4. That's a nice looking tripod; bet they were pretty expensive new.

    I agree with John about hidden screws. I'd be looking up inside that part where your finger is pointing, looking for a set screw into the center column.

    It looks like the main part of the head threads directly onto the column itself (the column is threaded on the outside). This sort of thing seems as though it could accidentally unscrew in use unless there is a positive lock somewhere, such as a setscrew or a pin.

    If you don't find any obvious locking device underneath, perhaps there is something on the top. I'd try to remove the panning section to see; perhaps it can be lifted off the top if the knurled screw is removed.

    Regarding a wrench, if needed, that screw-on collar that your finger is pointing at seems to have "vanes" cast into it. Some sort of pin-drive spanner could probably be used inside of these. If you have some basic tools you could probably make your own such tool. Perhaps a 1 x 4 board could have a section cut out to fit around the column, then drill a couple of holes. Then put a couple of bolts with nuts in the holes, using bolts long enough to stick out an inch or so. Then use the board as a wrench with the extended bolts driving against the "vanes." Or maybe you prefer wood dowels to bolts. Anyway, just a couple of ideas if you have to go there. Best of luck.

    Ps, most replaceable tripod heads attach to a center screw (3/8" ?). Your Hollywood tripod might need a custom-machined adapter for this, so maybe not worth doing?

    Pps, if you just want to get the ability to level your camera (the side to side tilt) you might consider just stacking another tripod head on top of what you have. You'd probably need a thread adapter, pretty common.
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