Viltrox Nikon F->Z Adapter (New Fully Auto Nikon F > Z Adapter)

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  1. You're not old school because if you are you don't care if you have any information in the viewfinder.
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  2. Yup, certainly, but I guess it will be a while before they appear.

    If they do appear quickly, I'd suggest there's something making the sellers, err sell! Being 3rd party the depreciation will be severe.

    Even oranges start off green....;)
  3. Now that is not an oranges - apple thing.
    Used Nikon FTZ adapters? There must be a reason their owners want to get rid of them. Same-same.
  4. I am down to three AF-D lenses that I would buy a (reasonably priced) Z AF adaptor for, a 180/2.8, 105/2/DC, and 300/3.8. For the first two, the manual focus gearing is "too fast", I can't get the focus accuracy I want on moving people photos. My AI 105/1.8 & 180/2.8 are easier to achieve accurate manual focus with so I just use those, or the 105/1.4 AFS which is really nice.. I don't know why I still have the 300/2.8, but it will still work when/if my later AFS version dies. So, my screw drive adaptor winds up being just keeping a D850.

    I probably would not pay much more than FTZ money for a screw AF adaptor, So Nikon's marketing analysis is correct. But Nikon should have made such an adaptor just to support the expected Nikon legacy support.
  5. It's difficult as Nikon would have to put 2 motors in the adapter.
  6. As I said above, they got one for free whether they wanted one or not with a new Z body....:)

    Same cannot be said for this clone now can it?
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    I have two FTZ adapters and one FTZii. I may sell one of the first version to upgrade to the ii version because the tripod mount blocks the vertical grip. Nikon really should have introduced the ii to begin with. That is why Viltrox’s design is puzzling.

    Also as more native Z lenses are now available, perhaps some no longer use F mount lenses on the Z bodies so that they can dump their adapters.
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  8. FTZ-E anyone?
  9. Anyone know what the aperture motor & lever mechanism (in an FTZ) do, if anything, if an E lens is detected?
  10. It wouldn't do anything as the E lenses do not have the coupling.
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  11. That's not what i asked.

    Think about an AF-S lens on a body that can drive screwdrive lenses? There's a space to allow the drive to rotate pointlessly.....!
  12. I don't think it would try to move. It would recognize the lens as an E lens. Besides unlike the AF screw driver it can only move in a limited range.
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    Don't you still have such bodies and AF-S lenses to check?

    The tip of that "screwdriver" retracts below the surface of the F mount when a lens is mounted. If it is a manual-focus lens or an AF-S (including AF-I and AF-P) lens, the screwdriver wouldn't rotate to attempt to drive AF. Of course, if that malfunctions, it may try to "drill a hole" on the lens' mount, but that has never happened to me before, since buying my first AF body in the N8008 in 1989.

    Looking back, that is such a "stone age" way to auto focus.
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  14. ;)

    It's like the old idea of the refrigerator light...!

    It only comes on when you open the door, right...?

    Does the screwdrive still move with an AF-S lens?
  15. Now the price has been released in £s @ £115, there aren't many used FTZs for that.

    Viltrox don't use the £ : $ parity pricing model. £115 v $179 (although B&H is $139)
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