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  1. My pictures download but when trying to view them on the Windows picture viewer I am only able to see the generic blue icon....not my pictures in small, medium or large icons. This only happens on my husband's computer. Mine is fine. He has the software loaded on his computer the same as I do. Why don't his pictures come up in the files a small icons? Help....I have tried to fix this. I have to open a picture and scroll through each one to find the picture I want.
    B. Jorgensen
  2. Which version of Windows are you both on?
    my pictures in small, medium or large icons.​
    Sounds like you're on Win 7 (or 8) which does have S,M or L options and he's on Win XP which doesn' it doesn't on my old XP machine!
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  4. Go to the Nikon web site and download and install ViewNX2 ...
  5. most likely what Shun has suggested, ie. you're missing the NEF Codec (assuming Nikon)
  6. I have two computers also . One with windows XP ( 32 bit ) and one with windows 7 ( 64 bit ) . The one with XP will show the generic icon maybe 50% of the time . Majority of my photos are jpegs . Neither computer will show actual pictures with nef files .
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    Neither computer will show actual pictures with nef files .​
    Again, if you would like your Windows PC to show actual images from NEF files under the File Explorer, you need to install the Nikon codec. Besides the YouTube video I linked to above, please check out this official Nikon Image web site:
    If you have NEF from the newest DSLRs such as the D5300 and Df, you need the latest version of Nikon codec. I downloaded mine a couple of years ago, and it is not fully compatible with NEF from the Df.
  8. I know neither computer will show NEF files . But the one with windows XP will show pictures with JPEGs only some of the time . I wonder if this has something to the fact that I am running Windows XP in 32bit mode . If I have just a few files it will show the picture but if I am downloading , say 25 files , it only shows the generic icon .
  9. Download faststone image viewer instead. It's pretty fast and can also show nef files.
    It also has lots of other features and it's freeware.
  10. Another vote for Faststone. It's my go-to for viewing, and I also use it for simple editing of things I want to put in emails or on the web. The editing tools are quite sophisticated, but a little hidden, but the effect of that is that the interface is extremely clean.
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    Shun is right - I experienced exact the same at a certain time, which is a one time task only.
  12. +1 for Shun. Had the same problem with raw files from Canon and Panasonic. Both XP and Win 7. Codec fixed 'em.
  13. OK, what is...?
    He has the software loaded on his computer the same as I do​
    .....and are we talking JPEGS or RAW files? OP come back!
  14. Do not, not, NOT use Windows Picture and Fax viewer for anything! It's a hideous piece of software that will re-encode your files if you let it. The issue is that if you simply ask for a picture to be rotated from landscape to portrait, it'll re-write the file leading to image degradation and possible corruption. I'm unsure how MS get away with such garbage.
    I'd recommend downloading and installing the free Irfanview software; it's a much better viewer that can rotate pictures on screen without interferring with the original file. It'll read practically any image file format ever invented including NEFs if you install the free plugin pack as well.

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