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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jimvanson, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Declaimer:
    Please forgive me if this posted in the wrong forum but I thinkmy question, regarding Canon RAW thumbnails has little interest to a Nikon or Pentax shooter. Please feel free to move it if I'm mistaken.
    I've spent the last few hours Googling, installing & then rejecting programs that would allow me to view RAW|CR2 & JPG thumbnails right side up in Windows XP's Explorer (c\w SP3 & all .net patches) .
    I've got to be brain dead or something because I can't find anything that will allow me to view thumbnail views from my XTi & 50D in Explorer. I've tried Microsoft's RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP -- I can view JPG's but all I see for RAW's is a little Windows type icon.
    I've tried ArcSoft's RAW Thumbnail Viewer. It seems to work with my XTi RAW's & JPG'g. It doesn't view the 50D's CR2's nor does it rotate it's JPG's.
    I don't really want to purchase some great big expensive program just to look at thumbnails (nor do I as a friend suggested want to buy a MAC!).
    Does anyone reading this have a suggestion?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you have to view them in Windows Explorer? If the means is not important then you may just try Zoombrowser. It's pretty good for sorting, categorizing, and even some minor editing and tagging.
    Next after that is Digital Photo Professional. It's designed to work with Canon files and is better at editing than Zoombrowser.
    Both Zoombrowser and DPP are from Canon and come free with your camera.
    There's also a Canon Raw Codec that you can download from Canon's site, but I have yet to get that to work on our XP machine. It's just too easy to use DPP and Zb so I haven't bothered.
    Picasa can also view Canon's RAW files, however I thought it made the XTi's pics look rather red and the 40D's looked rather flat.
    Incidentally, this is one of the things that Vista seems to have gotten right. It sees the RAW files straight out of the box.
  3. The windows thumbnailer works with older cameras but has not been updated in ages. It shows my rebel xt files just fine but won't work with the 40D or newer cameras. I just use DPP for that now.
  4. Pascal,
    Jim says he's already tried the Arcsoft solution - I can confirm that it doesn't work for 50D files.
  5. CR2s cannot be viewed in explorer under XP. This function was added into Vista though, with a download avail on thier support site.
  6. Thanks all for your input.
    I'm presently playing around with Picasa & with FastStone Image Viewer as I guess that's the best I can expect with XP :(
  7. We make 64 bit and 32 bit codecs for Windows XP and Windows Vista.
    Our codecs also provide thumbnail support for XP whereas most do not, and I can confirm support for the 50D.
    If you are interested, a free trial is available at
    David Blake, Ardfry Imaging, LLC
  8. You can download a free RAW thumbnailer and viewer for XP directly from Microsoft here:
  9. Should also mention that this has been verified to work just fine with my Canon 20D CR2/RAW images. I knw you said it wasn't working for you, but it's possible there was an issue with the install or something else in Windows....
  10. It looks like this thread is long over and I don't know if anyone is reading it any longer. I installed Windows 7 and the thumbnails in windows explorer would show the CR2 from the Canon Xti. After I installed DPP, Zoom Browser and everything else that comes with Canon's cameras, it quit working. I currently have the T1i, but Windows Explorer's thumbnails doesn't work with it's CR2s either.
    I have seen other threads with people complaining about the same thing, but have never seen an answer as to how to fix it. It's frustrating that it was working and Canon's software broke it.
    I have all the other programs for viewing the CR2s, Photoshop CS4, Picasa etc, but there are so many times where I want to do maintenance with folders/names etc using Windows Explorer, not DPP or anything else, and it's difficult because I can't see anything about the picture.
    There are a lot of reasons for using Windows Explorer for CR2s, another being to drag them to a CD to burn. For now I get around it with the other programs though.
  11. One other that can be done as a trial, but does cost to buy and I used successfully for several years is ACDSee.
    It works with folders, but can also do categories, etc. I currently use Lightroom, but this was my app for years.

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