Viewfinder Problem : Canon EOS 1

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by richard_golonka, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. I have a the original eos 1 here in my hand (i.e. not the 1v or the 1n). Ordered it from ebay at very good condition (which it is) for ~120 dollars Canadian.

    Everything works perfectly except that the aperture values in the viewfinder are scrambled. Shutter speeds are fine. Its impossible to tell what value you are cycling through. Everything is fine on the top deck display. But it is still very annoying and I am not sure I can live with it.

    The seller did offer a full refund upon return or 80 dollar refund and I keep the camera. I chose to take the refund and keep the camera. I may sell it, unless there is some way to fix this issue? I do like it.

    I imagine this is likely an electronic gremlin which cannot be fixed...but perhaps its the focusing screen?

  2. I have bought a fair number of EOS 'pre-owned' cameras from the first to the late film cameras. With the exception of an early Elan model (one of my few excursions into the 'Pro-Am' sector), all of them still worked out of the package.
    I'd guess your Can$40 was a fair price if it works otherwise. I don't have urls to them, but I think a Google™ might find some repair notes somewhere, but it sounds electronic.

    My own experiences with the EOS 1 are detailed at LINK

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