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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by akiva, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Just got a Nikon D600 as a backup. sent it in to Nikon for the shutter fix. Came back and the Viewfinder is out of focus. Nothing fixes it. The diopter does nothing. Help? Or should i wuss out and call Nikon in the morning?
  2. Was there a problem with the viewfinder before you sent the camera to Nikon? If not, it's their responsibility to do whatever is necessary to get it back to its original condition at their expense. It might be a simple fix, might not, but they should make good on it. I'd call them.
  3. Does the camera power up? Many camera viewfinders are blurry without power.
  4. I was about to suggest the same - modern Nikon viewfinders are darker and blurry when unpowered, because the liquid crystals are unaligned.

    It's possible that something clouted the viewfinder mechanism enough to throw off the focussing elements, but I've never heard of it happening. They're quite well protected. When you turn the camera on, are the illuminated elements below the viewfinder in focus (with suitable diopter adjustment)?
  5. When I turn the camera on, the illuminated elements below the viewfinder are not in focus (with suitable diopter adjustment)? That's the problem.​
  6. Ah - thanks for reporting back. Okay, it does sound like the finder optics, then. If it was a D700 or D8x0 series, I'd say check the viewfinder eyepiece is screwed in properly, but I don't know that you can actually remove it on a D600. Assuming it's clean, I think a call to Nikon is your best bet - especially if it's just come back from repair and you can still claim it was their fault.

    If anyone has better ideas I'll be interested to hear them, but I've run out of clever. :) Good luck!
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    If you adjust the diopter and it indeed does nothing, and you have a property EN-EL15 battery inside that D600, something is definitely wrong with that D600.

    I assume the viewfinder was ok before you sent the camera to Nikon?? One way or another, you need to get Nikon to fix it immediately. I would make it clear that Nikon probably has messed up the viewfinder, or perhaps it was subjected to some serious impact during return shipping back to you.

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