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  1. Anyone know why this software does not upload on Mac. It acts like it's installing but it just stalls and then won't quit and I just have to turn my computer off and restart it. I'm running OS High Sierra v 10.13.1. It appears the last update to the software was in 2015 and doesn't support my OS version. Is this correct and if so, what are the alternatives to get my photos from camera to computer? I am very new to the camera and somewhat techie but this is above my level.
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    I do not have a Mac, but had issues with my computer and NX2. I contacted Nikon help ant they directed me to free uploads of that & NX i, with assistance on line as well.
  3. Current Nikon software offerings seem to be Nikon Transfer 2, Nikon View NX-i and Nikon Capture NX-D.

    For copying images from memory card to computer there are numerous alternatives. If one prefers to rename each image with date_shot_original_name the Nikon Transfer is suitable. If one likes just original_name the operating system file explorer tool is simpler. Many prefer to use memory card reader instead of camera usb-port.

    View NX-i is replacement for View NX2. Good for image browsing and quick conversions.

    Capture NX-D is Nikons current image editor. Not perfect but has very nice output.

    Then there are number of smaller Nikon programs that may or may not apply to mac system, go to Your local Nikon website and download whatever is available to mac.
  4. I run View NX2 (don't know which version) and Capture NX 2.4.6 without any issues on my Macbook Pro i7 16Gb RAM 752GB SSD using OS

    But as you say, the last updates for NX2 (and I assume View NX2) are from several years back (I believe you on your word if you say 2015) and don't run (well, if at all, from what I've read) on higher/latest versions Mac Oi like Sierra
    Which for me is the reason why I haven't udgraded my Oi version, even if its alreay 'old', I see too much advantages in using the 'old' NX2 (in my case 2..4.6) for procssing my D3/D800/DF files

    From what I've gathered NX2 will still work with Mac El Capitan,
    The very usefull Raw2Nef program from Rene Bagnon, which allows to using NX 2.4.6 even for the D750/D81/D500 and D5 RAW files, apparently works with that version

    IHave played aroud with NX-D, even have a copy (I never use) installed on my Macbook Pro, but don't like it for several reasons.
    - First and formost the loss of the 'Color Control Points'
    IMO a highly capable, if not the best tool for making very local modifications, even despite NX2 being 'slow' when used for Batch processing
    Very easy to use too for making very local corrections in Contrast, Exposure and Saturation, IMO in that respect much more user friendly then the LR/Photoshop "Clone/Paste Layer' stuff
    Easy asy to apply, works fast, and what you do, you immediately see, and get.
    There is a somewhat similar application in the also no longer officially available NIK software, have tried it, but the versipn in Nikon Caplture works best
    And of course you can easily keep an 'unaltered' copy of the orginal RAW file, and a eg compressed RAW copy with all the modifications, without creating files that will devour excessive diskspace
    - Any corrections are written directly in the file (but with a simple click can be reversed), no side-car stuff where any modifications eg in the RAW file aren't copied when the RAW file is converted/'exported' into eg a JPEG or TIFF.
    - You can convert (export) a RAW file to a TFF in NX-D, to then continue to further process it in NX2
    But with the present high res camera's those TIFF's can easily get as big as 100MB, and more then often even bigger (I dread to think how big a D850 RAW converted to a TIFF will be). Cost a lot of diskspace, and put's a lot of strain on the computer used for the processing.
    Despite the specs listed for my Macbook Pro, a 100+ MB TIFF already has some impact on the processing speed

    With the RWA2Nef program mentioned (I have no links nor commercial interest in it, for all intent and purposes it's a free download) you can process D750/D81-?D500 and D5 (all of whch I don't own BTW) RAW's in NX 2.4.6 (after a basically very simple 'conversion of essentially rebadging the RAW files) so in my case why bother with NX-D and View NXi.
    I am anxiously waiting for hopefully an 'upgrade' so that can take D850 RAW's, that mifght be a decisive 'push in he back' to get one of those
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